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Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010

Updated on July 1, 2011

UPDATE: All of the games in this Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010 list can now be purchased, and many of them are titles you simply shouldn't go without, especially since many have already dropped in price. Too lazy to go get it at the store? Why not pick it up online by visiting sites like or

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010

It wasn't easy creating a Top ten PS3 Games of 2010 list, simply because Sony acquired a pretty rocking list in '09 with games like Killzone 2,Uncharted 2, and inFamous, and 2010 already seems like another great season for first-party and/or unique PS3 titles (in addition to solid multi-platform game titles like BioShock 2). Anyone who complains about "how the PS3 doesn't have enough games for you to justify its existence" needs only to think about God of War 3, Heavy Rain, The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo 5, and even 3D Dot Game Heroes to discover the error in their ways. We haven't even touched on all of the possible surprises Sony, along with its friends may well reveal later in E3 in the near future. And even past that, if this list could have been a little bigger, then we'd easily fit in games like Red Dead Redemption, Mafia II, and also MAG. With that said, lets get to what were here for, the Top ten PS3 Games of 2010:

Top 10 PS3 Games of 2010: Final Fantasy XIII
Top 10 PS3 Games of 2010: Final Fantasy XIII

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: Final fantasy XIII

First in our Top ten PS3 Games of 2010 list, currently locked within mortal combat along with Mass Effect 2 with the title of "Biggest RPG in 2010, " the thirteenth numbered Final Fantasy looks like a return into the fan-favorite elements within FFVII and FFX: Beautiful people by using fashionable clothes engaged from a melodramatic story and a lot of turn-based menu-driven battles. Even gamers who sadly are growing a little weary of the Final Fantasy style want this game, just because the entire thing is and so pretty. March will be huge to begin with in the gaming world, but FFXIII is actually so big that it simply eclipses anything else that month.

Top 10 PS3 Games of 2010: Heavy Rain
Top 10 PS3 Games of 2010: Heavy Rain

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: Heavy Rain

Call it a modern adventure game that goes perfectly into the Top ten PS3 Games of 2010, an interactive drama, or a few playable cut-scenes, but Heavy Rain has earned lots of attention by being not the same as everything else at PS3 gaming. And it's tricky to ignore a video game that's content works with realistic characters experiencing tough events in watching tv, with player decisions and actions making up sections of its story. If you've ever wanted to see a game where you see the emotional arc a father masters after losing a kid, this is for you.

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: God of War 3

If you complete God of War 2, you know in what way God of War 3 begins -- with you as Kratos climbing Gaia's back following his plan to getting revenge for the gods. Between letting players fight from the backs of giant Titans, attacking with new weapons just like the gauntlet-like Cestus, and using new abilities just like the ability to journey vertically in wind tunnels, God of War 3 looks to help push the series forward in several ways, but for several the appeal here's to see how it finishes the final release of the trilogy from a movie/story perspective.
Lets be honest, you've heard the hype, you've been interested in it forever, how could you not see this being put in a Top ten PS3 Games of 2010 list!

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: 3D Dot Adventure Heroes
Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: 3D Dot Adventure Heroes

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: 3D Dot Adventure Heroes

A tribute/homage/rip-off/parody regarding 8-bit action-style games(and then some), 3D Dot Adventure Heroes tells the story of a 2D kingdom steady thrusts into 3D by their king, but the main plot centers about the hero taking down a malevolent bishop. This action RPG contains references to favorable ol' days connected with console adventuring, starting with a much-too-faithful feel of the original Zelda games, continuing with a cameo through the 8-bit hero of Spelunker, and obviously, the very beep-and-boopy songs. There's also any nifty character editor if you would like to 3D-ify your unique pixel people (or one more game's! ).

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: The Last Gaurdian
Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: The Last Gaurdian

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: The Last Gaurdian

Team Ico in addition to Fumito Ueda have got a well-deserved reputation for making games that nearly instantly spur a, "Are games art? " discussion whenever they're mentioned. So it's hard to not at least be excited for their next big challenge, The Last Guardian. All we know so far is you need to take care of your huge griffin-like monster, and it as a minimum looks a good deal like Ico and Shadow in the Colossus. But will it be a stand-alone bill? Will it link those other esoteric stories together? Can it make us cry by killing off our gigantic, "sea eagle" pet in the long run? A Top ten PS3 Games of 2010 wouldn't be complete without it.

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: Grand Turismo 5

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: Gran Turismo 5

Ahh, the perfect racing game for the perfect Top ten PS3 Games of 2010 list. After holding our breaths for as long while waiting with for word on Polyphony Digital's long awaited "driving simulator, " we can finally start looking towards exhaling as Gran Turismo 5 is slated to release at the begining of 2010. In typical GT fashion, the PS3 speed comes packed into the brim with a good number of features which include 1, 000 motors, 60 tracks, and also fully modeled car or truck cockpits. A first within the series, Gran Turismo 5 also features car or truck damage -- adding into the already keen attention to detail that keeps gearheads along with videogame fans alike returning for much more. With the normal world circuit series rounded out by fully fleshed released rally and NASCAR modes, GT5 is a title no car nut can afford to miss.

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: Bioshock 2
Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: Bioshock 2

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: Bioshock 3

Another no shock addition to any Top ten PS3 Games of 2010 list is this bad boy. Though it doesnt carry the title "Sea connected with Dreams, " one gets the sensation that this sequel to 2K's smash-hit shooter will certainly still deal around utopian/dystopian themes plus ultimately corruption. A little of the story has been revealed, and here's a fast rundown of we know so far: It's 10 years following a first game; you play as the first Big Daddy (complete with new weapons and plasmid powers); brand-new splicer types and also Big Sisters attack you; and a cult-like modern society run by Sophia Lamb (and her crazy butterfly imagery) will be the new Big Bad. You can see why we're eager figure out how it this all fits togetherwhen it releases around February.

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: Just cause 2

We love sky diving, car surfing, and airplane hijacking thanks to this games original installment, and the sequel looks forward to being focused on spending as much time as probable performing some mix off those things. Not many other games accommodate a ridiculous few events such as using a grappling hook for you to slam two guys into each other while standing together on the roof of an moving car. If there's anything on earth more important compared to pulling off silly aerial stunts like that using a grappling hook, we haven't discovered it yet.

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: Just Cause 2
Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: Just Cause 2

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: Army of Two: The 40th Day

When the first Army of Two fell in our hands, we weren't sure if it turned out an odd reception of man and friendship, or if it turned out just borderline homosexual (fist pumps included). And now considering the prospects of another bro-venture this long list of next year's emits, we can't help but gasp with excitement. Whether that emotion relates to having a sound co-op experience (which is nice for any PS3, since there's no Gears of War), or laughing with the game's antics, varies according to which person you speak with. The most helpful part to us in regards to the 40th Day, is always that once per chapter, Salem and Rios arrive across a really specific situation with a clear, "good/bad" alternative. What does one do broskie?

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: Army of Two: The 40th Day

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: MLB10
Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: MLB10

Top Ten PS3 Games of 2010: MLB 12: The Show

The prior incarnation is quite possibly the most effective baseball video game at any time, so '10 is required to impress us when considering the little things while keeping the main mechanics in-place: calling pitches as being a catcher, introducing the Futures Game, and having smaller stadium animations just like a working splash counter at AT&T Park can be a nice start. Whenever they can fix the net play (and those people loading times) this coming year, '10 is almost certainly going to take the mantle from '09 because the best baseball activity ever. Spring can't get here that time.

Think we missed something? Tell us!

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