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Top Ten Practical Jokes for Everyone

Updated on July 25, 2010

Top Ten Pratical Jokes and Gag Gifts

One thing that I absolutely love about April Fools Day is the fact that you can play a joke on someone and it is the one day of the year that most people will sit back and laugh or not take it to hard. Practical jokes are great for people that have a sense of humor and they have been around forever. Whether it is fake poop or vomit or the classic whoopie cushion, we all know and love practical jokes and practical jokes also make great gag gifts for people.

Here are my top ten favorite practical jokes of all times and if you click on any of the links you'll find the blog post(where you can also find most of these gifts for sale) that inspired me to create this hub containing my personal favorite practical jokes and gag gifts.

Chocolate Dog Poop
Chocolate Dog Poop

Top Ten Practical Jokes and Gag Gifts

The Whoopie Cushion and Fart Machine. The whoopie cushion is probably the most popular gag gift of all time. You see them making an appearance in old tv shows and movies and they still exist today in kids cartoon shows and even in movies like HairSpray. The whoopie cushion is something that never goes out of style and every kid on earth with light up if/when they get or see their first whoopie cushion.

The Fart Machine. Much like its predecesor the whoopie cushion, the fart machine is the modern version. You hold a clicker that sets it off and hide the fart machine in the corner of a room or by someone's desk. Then when someone walks in the room or sits at a table or by a desk, you pick the fart noise or sound on the clicker and "let it rip". A modern day whoopie cushion and a timeless joke and gag. The fart machine is absolutely hilarious and will never get old.

The Fly in the Ice Cube. I always loved this one as a kid. It is a plastic ice cube with a real or fake fly in it. You can either drop it in someone's drink when they aren't looking or use it to shock a friend or family member. It is a timeless prank that was always one of my favorites when I was growing up.

The Flying Pig Toy with flapping wings. I was in a random gift shop looking for a gift for my friend who loves to gossip. I was going to buy him something funny from the tshirt section until I saw the flying pig toy with real flapping wings. Not only does this toy get the point across but you will sit there going crazy waiting to see the look on your friends face when he/she opens up his/her gift only to find out that pigs really can fly, just like their stories are actually real.

The Toilet Monster. This is probably one of the lesser known gags and practical jokes that you can play. You set the toilet monster practical joke inside the toilet bowl and then close the lid. When the next person goes into the bathroom to use the toiltet, when they lift the seat and the toilet monster pops out, you'll definitely hear a scream and some serious laughing. Lets just hope the person has good bladder control. This is probably one of my favorite practical jokes and gag gifts.

The How to Tie Your Tie Tie. This is a classic gift for the guy, or modern woman who hates to get dressed up. There are no more excuses for him or her when they have the how to tie your tie tie. Not only is it a great black tie but it also reminds them how to actually tie their tie. Everyone will get a laugh when he shows up with instructions on tying his tie as well.

Chocolate Dog Poop. Ok, we all know and remember the fake dog poop that we would leave out to scare mom or turn someones stomach. One company took this to the next level and decided to make fake dog poop except that this fake dog poop is made of chocolate. It looks like dog poop but doesn't smell or taste like it. It is the perfect thing to leave out like the dog left a mess and then to take it to the next level you can pretend to smell it, then slowly pick it up and take a bite to really drive it home. The perfect gross practical joke to play on anyone. I found it on the blog post here by clicking through on the top banner.

Peanut Can With Pop Out Snakes. You cannot get any more classic than the can of peanuts where the snakes pop out. Not only do you get the person to jump but you can leave it out on the counter and whenever someone goes digging through the kitchen for a snack, even when you forget it is there, they'll get a surprise and you'll get a good laugh.

The Always Spill Drinking Cup. I love this plastic cup. There is a little hole at the top or a slit in it that is almost invisible so that when the person picks it up and takes a sip it ends up spilling on them first. It isn't a nice prank to play and even worse if they're drinking something that stains clothes. I normally hate the mean jokes but I got to play this one on someone who deserved it so it will always be on my top ten list. Not to mature but these are practical jokes and gag gifts so it kind of fits in with this post.

Invisible Ink. There were a ton of things to choose from from fake cockroaches, chewed up bubble gum magnets and more, but the one thing that always stands out for me and is the classic prank and practical joke is invisible ink. They had it back when our parents were young, it has been featured in cartoons as old as Tom and Jerry and they still sell it today. When you combine it with the invisible ink spraying pen or just accidentally spill it on a friend you'll always get an angry look and then a good laugh for yourself, they may not think it is so funny.

Practical Jokes and Gag Gifts are above and beyond one of my favorite things to shop for and see get played on others as well as myself. You can almost never go wrong with a great practical joke or a funny gag gift (unless the person is in a bad mood or cannot take a joke) and I always love buying and giving gag gifts. Feel free to leave a comment on this hub with your favorite gag gift or practical joke. It could be leaving a bucket of water over a cracked door, toilet paper that talks or a hand buzzer for when you shake someone's hand. There are thousands of gag gifts and practical jokes and I'd love to hear what your favorite ones are.


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