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Ten Recommended GameCube Games

Updated on December 10, 2017

The GameCube isn't one of Nintendo's most profitable consoles but it still had a pretty cool bunch of games, here is my list of the Top Ten games I recommend people to play on the GameCube.

10: Luigi’s Mansion. Starting off the list is the green clad brother of gaming icon Super Mario. The game starts off like any others ya know, Luigi wins a mansion in a mysterious contest he didn’t sign up for. Then he learns that the house is haunted by a ton of evil ghosts and that a mad scientist is there studying the little cretins. Okay so maybe It doesn’t start off like any other game but dangit I will say what I want. The game has some great ambiance, might not have as much as Resident Evil or Silent Hill but for a game who’s protagonist shakes just cause he opens a door I gotta say it does a great job. The combat and is a little wanky and the controls to aim are a little weird but overall it is pretty good. I rate it two and a half stars out of three.

9: Mario Kart Double Dash. Okay so the first Mario Kart game I ever played was on the Nintendo64 so I have the right to have hopes right? Right. Straight out the gate I was enjoying the game. New characters to play as, huge and well detailed tracks and even a new power-up or two. And the best part? I can play is two different characters! I can be Mario and Luigi or Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, hell I can even switch it up. Bowser and Peach baby, yeah I went there sue me. The game had some great graphics and music, some of the levels were a little difficult to beat, first it was Rainbow Road and now it’s all of them. The game was really fun, I have a lot of good memories playing that game, also a lot of bad ones. I blame Wario and Waluigi. As for stars I think I will give it a three outta five.

8: Soul Calibur 2. So the first sword/fighting game I ever played was Soul Calibur two and let’s just say I was blown away. A large and diverse roster of characters, cool environments to battle in and some awesome battle music. Characters like Nightmare, Voldo, Kilik and Astoroth all played a big part in my childhood. And I could even play as Link from legend of Zelda! The arcade was pretty fun and the conquest mode had a lot of battles and things to collect, also a lot of cheap frickin’ battles but we won’t talk about those. For a game centered around swinging large weapons around and beating up people I gotta give it a four out of five stars.

7: Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door. So I haven’t played this game personally but I have heard nonstop chit chat about this game, seriously. Gamers, blogger and critics alike all have aid so many good things about this game, but since I haven’t played it personally it’s gonna be a little lower on the list.

6: Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness. Okay Pokemon, everybody loves them right? Tiny cute little furry creatures? Wrong! In this game they are the embodiment of evil! Infused with dark powers to become Shadow Pokemon! Okay all joking aside it is a pretty cool game. The first Pokemon you get is an Eevee, a tiny little brown fox looking thing with big freakin’ eyes. But at least you get to choose what it evolves into. Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, some other random name. But the game is cool however unlike other Pokemon games you can’t run out into the grass and capture one. Well you can but its only in three tiny spots and you have to leave food out for them and wait, ungrateful brats. Anyways the main premise of the game revolves around your guy finding and capturing the Shadow Pokemon then purifying them with some science magic mumbo jumbo. The game while a bit boring at times does have some cool things in it, the boss battles can be exciting and the final boss while hard has some rather cool Pokemon. Even though he just artificially created them. Anyways I gotta give this game a two and a half stars out of five.

5: Mario Party 7. First off who doesn’t like parties, secondly shut up and don’t answer that. Mario Party Seven is based on a rather huge cruise ship, I mean come on it holds like six or seven different worlds inside it. Anyways the game is like your usual Mario Party Games. Roll some dice, move a few paces, get some coins then buy a star, have said star stolen from you by every damn person in the game. But besides that it has some pretty funny mini-games, some of the music isn’t too bad either. While not the most fun Mario Party game I have ever played it is definitely the first and for that I give it three out of five stars. Just know it’s because of that stupid Koopa Kid taking my stuff.

4: Animal Crossing. I say furry you say what the hell. Yep in this game you are the only human living in a town of animals hybrids, scary it sounds but fun it be. The game starts off with you getting off a bus, sounds simple I know. Once off you get to talk to a thieving prick of a raccoon called Tom Nook, you’ll find out why I called him a prick soon enough. Anyways Tom Nook gives you a house, a single room house that’s run down and has bugs crawling all over it, all for five million bells. Okay not for that much but it’s still a rip off. Anyways you do some jobs for him and eventually pay off your dept, you get a bigger house and then the dept piles on once again. Besides the cheap freakin’ Tom Nook the game has a ton of things to explore. You can go fishing, hunt for bugs, find couches in the form of leaves inside of a tree. Strange world man. So many things to do and so many people to talk to, you would assume that having a bunch of animals living in your town would be a disaster and you sir or Madame are a bloody joke. Many of the villagers have wildly different personalities which gives the game a whole lot of color, the music gives the area a light sense of calmness and excitement. With so many things to do and new people to talk to as the seasons pass you’ll be very preoccupied. I have to give the game a four and a half out of five.

3: Resident Evil 4. Honestly did you think I wouldn’t put this game on the list? I am offended. Anyways the game is centered around a rural village, Leon Kennedy has been tasked with finding the presidents daughter. Why she is in the middle of nowhere I don’t know and I don’t care. The main enemies are the villagers with a parasite in them called The Plaga Parasite, a creepy little thing that should be burned with fire and buried under a boulder in the moon. If you don’t know Resident Evil zombies are more based around a virus or parasite rather than magic or some junk. If you don’t think I am right fight me I dare ya. There is a different varieties of the Plaga. Along your journey you get different kinds of weapons from a guy who really likes trench coats, may I suggest using a little hand sanitizer on the handles first. I will have to rank the game three out of five stars.

2: Legend of Zelda The Windwaker. You know what I hate? Boats, boats and the sea. You know what I do like? The Windwaker. Which if you played it you will understand why this is kind of ironic. Windwaker takes place in a time where most of the world has been sunk underwater by the gods, they say it was for the greater good but I think it is because they knew I was gonna buy the game so they added that and a lot of water monsters. Anyways you play as Link, obviously, you are awakened by your sister due to it being your birthday and on the island where you reside when a boy becomes of age they are given green garbs and sent out to go slay some evil beasties. Kinda. Your sister eventually gets kidnapped by a giant bird on accident on you set off with a bunch of pirates to go save her, what a day. You find a boat called the King of Red Lions and with your magical talking boat friend set off on adventure. The game is decent over all, the sea warfare is a little difficult but fair I suppose. Further on down the line of the game the music becomes permanently ominous and the monsters show up everywhere, sometimes the area looks nice but then it just turns to hell quickly. The game is fun, not many places to explore, I mean there is a lot of islands but not much on them. All for all though I give the game four out of five stars.

And finally the number one spot is!...

1: Super Mario Sunshine. I have played over hundreds of games in my gaming career, many I adore and many I despise. But none come close to my favorite game of all time, Super Mario Sunshine. The main concept of the game is Mario is being framed by a villain called Shadow Mario, you’ll find out who he is later. Mario, Peach, Toadsworth and a few other little mushroom headed friends are on a plane to a resort called Isle Delfino however shortly after a rough landing they find nothing is well. Mario gets arrested and then is sentenced to clean up Isle Delfino using a water shooting jetpack called Fludd. Oh right forgot to say Shadow Mario has a magical paintbrush given to him by the same guy who made Fludd, you up to everything now? Good. There are numerous places to go such as Delfino Plaza, Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor, Gelato Beach, Pinna Park, Sirena Beach, Noki Bay, Corona Mountain, Hotel Delfino and Pianta Village. Each place has numerous Shinesprites, guardian like stars that keep Isle Delfino nice and sunny and since Shadow Mario has polluted the place with his brush spunk the sprites have vanished. Mario gets to explore so many places and fight a lot of bosses, the place is huge and the activities are quite numerous as well. I gotta tell ya when I was living down in Homer Alaska and my father brought me and my sis down to Anchorage, I saw this game and wanted it. I waited a whole three hours to get home before I was finally able to get it out of the case and stick it inside my Gamestation. I have had dreams just about playing this game, so many memories. I have to rate the game ten out of five stars and why? Cause it’s my list and I can do that.


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