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Top Ten Scariest Video Games

Updated on June 8, 2015

1) Dreadhalls

This is one of the few horror games created for the Occulus rift. It was so scary that it made Markiplier cry, which is why it is on the list. Featuring spooky dark hallways and extremely heavy on jumpscares, this game takes you through an abandoned creepy basement maze with threats lingering around every corner. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

2) Silent Hills

Created by horror writer Keiichiro Toyama, this is first person horror set in a fictitious american town. This series is influence by psychological horror, and really immerses the player in the game. The first one made for the Playstation follows Harry Mason as he searches for his missing daughter in the abandoned town of Silent Hill (or is it abandoned….). He encounters a freakish demonic cult, and must survive long enough to find the whereabouts of his daughter.

3) Dying Light

This is another open world, first person zombie shooter game. It is equally, if not more disturbing than Dead Island. It was developed by Polish video game developer Techland, and was published by Warner Bros. Just released this year for the playstation 4, it features a zombie infested, open world quests that have a dynamic day and night cycle.

4) Dead Island

This is an open world, first person zombie shooter game. Zombie games are creepy in general, but I found this one particularly scary because it was in first person. The zombies are very gory, and there are a few really good jumpscares. I am super excited about the new one, the trailer was really cool!

5) Static Speaks My Name

Yes, I heard about this one through Markiplier. I watched him play it, then went and played it myself. This game is heavy, and disturbing. It made me feel kinda grimy at the end, but I think that was it’s purpose. Go play it for yourself and see.

6) The Last of Us

Probably one of the most beautiful games in 2014, this game takes place 20 years after the zombie apocalypse, which was caused by the outbreak of spores. This is another third person shooter game and you play Joel, a cynical man who has been tasked with the burden of escorting a 13 year old girl across the country to a safe house in Utah. The zombies in this game are not ordinary zombies and they are terrifying. Because the outbreak was caused by spores, the zombies who have been around long enough turn into “Clickers”. Clickers are incredibly hard to kill, and they have mushrooms growing out of their heads. So scary!

7) Dead Space

In this third person shooter horror game you play Isaac Clarke, a ship systems engineer who just happens to be on the space ship when everything goes to hell. An Alien outbreak turns people who are bitten into zombies. This game is also super heavy on the jumpscares, and much like Alien:Isolation, it has an overhanging sense of desolation throughout the entire gameplay.

8) Evil Within

In this third person horror survival game, you play police detective Sebastian Castellanos, who is investigating a murder an an abandoned insane asylum. You go through the levels trying to solve the murder mystery while being stalked/attacked by a variety of evil forces, inluding a creepy spider witch, a meat cleaver wielding pyscho and a hallway filled with broken dolls. This game is heavy on the jumpscares, and ick factor, which is why it made this list.

9) 5 Nights at Freddy’s

You play a security guard who has the night shift at Freddy’s, an old super spooky pizza restaurant in this survival/horror point and click game. Seems easy, right? Nope, because Freddy’s is haunted by these evil anamtronic teddy bears that want to kill you. You use the security cameras to track the bears throughout the restaurant, and try to keep them out of your office by closing the doors. Each night is more difficult that the previous. How long can you survive?

10) Alien: Isolation

You play as Amanda Ripley, (Ellen Ripley’s daughter) as you try to find your way through the dilapidated maze that is the Sevastpol space station. Sevastapol has been abandoned, and is slowly falling apart. Your task is to go onto the station, find the recorder that has the original Nostromo pilot logs, and then get back to your own ship. Easier said than done. Not only are there hostel survivors, murderous androids and malfunctioning spaceware, but there also is an extremely grumpy xenomorph that has a grudge against you. It’s like playing hide and seek with a violent alien that wants to kill you.

Do you have a favorite?

Which one is your favorite horror videogame?

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