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Top Ten Video Games: 2011

Updated on January 3, 2012

Here is my top ten list! It hasn't been the most 'videogamey' year for me, but I thoroughly enjoyed these games here:

1. Skyrim - OMG Skyrim. It's amazing and gorgeous and astonishingly detailed. A grand adventure.

2. Bastion - A magical game with real emotional punch and a sense of wonder and adventure throughout. HIGHLY recommended.  

3. Bulletstorm - Bulletstorm looks gorgeous, is wonderfully entertaining and has a surprisingly moving story.

4. Pokemon White - Everything old is new again. For the first time in 14 years you can dive into grass and not know what's in there. This lets it feel fresh again without actually doing anything new.

5. Duke Nukem Forever - It's Duke f'*ng Nukem! Sold! Catch the intro movie on youtube at least, it's ace.

6. Rage - It has the most graphics. Plus, playing games set in post apocalyptic wastelands makes me feel less depressed about the currently occuring apocalypse. Hey, at least things aren't as bad as these poor fellas have it. Not yet anyway...

7. Gears 3 - It's Gears 3! Chainsawing a dude is still as satisfying as ever, but the game feels too slick and Hollywood to really engage me like Gears 2 did.

8. Iron Brigade - Shoot a lot of stuff. Get sweet loot. Customise your mech extensively. Repeat. AMAZING game.

9. Forza Motorsport 4 - It is as great to play as it is to look at, it's as accessible or as hard as you want it to be and there is no smooth jazz. Superb.

10. Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon - it's not a patch on 2017 but it has just enough action and absurdity to make it worthwhile. It's not grand enough in scale and does not require the same problem-solving mindset that its predecessor did. Just shoot the ants.

2011's 2010 game of the year goes to Fallout: New Vegas.

You should probably buy most of these games! I wish I'd played more of the highlights of 2011, but I guess I'll catch up in 2012! It's not like a million more games are coming out! Right?


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