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Top Ten Gaming Icons

Updated on December 4, 2017

Here'a We Go!

Icons, videogames, not gonna be too hard to figure out some of the most legendary of video game personas. This is my top ten list of most iconic game characters, as always this is my list so its my rules. The list will be in random so do not worry anyways lets start!

#10, Pikachu. Starting off the list is the little electric mouse from Pokemon, or Pocket Monsters, however you wanna say it. Pikachu has pretty much been the face of the franchise for years. First appearing in Pokemon Red and Blue in 1996, Pikachu has not only become a Gaming icon but a staple in the world in general. The little furball has been in multiple games and even several movies, while not the strongest of all Pokemon this little mouse will surely shock you with how much everyone around the world loves it. Get it? Shock? Oh come on that's comedy gold.

#9, Master Chief. To say that The MC is one of the most well known characters in gaming is an understatement. Debuting in Halo in 2001 for the XBOX Master Chief has rocked the world. His Mjolnir Armor is definitely iconic.A shooter action sci-fi adventure, Master Chief has been the idol of prepubescent boys for nearly a decade, who wouldn't want to be a big guy in a suit of nearly unwearable armor unless you are a super soldier?

#8, Pacman. Wakka, wakka, wakka. Those three words alone have spread fear throughout the hearts of multicolored ghosts for years. Pacman first debuted in 1980. A maze type game where you must control the yellow orb and collect all the dots and fruit among the stage but while avoiding the ghosts. While a simple game in concept nothing can prepare you for getting cornered by all the ghosts. Nothing...

#7, Donkey Kong. DK first debuted in 1981 in arcades everywhere, the barrel throwing gorilla thrilled gamer's with its sheer brutality. While Jumpman had to dodge the falling barrels and living fire you had to watch as Jumpman's girlfriend was manhandled by said Gorilla. Even after DK gets beat he continues on going through all kinds of games. From his own games like Donkey Kong Country to participating in some go carting and even some fun parties. But you know he wears a tie now, so it is kind of a big change for him.

#6, Sonic The Hedgehog. Sonic came out in 1991, it seemed to be a hit right out the gate with its fast paced platforming action. While not as popular today as the Blue Blur once was he is still one of the most recognizable characters in gaming, with his big eyes and stylish shoes who wouldn't see this guy and not recognize him?

#5, Solid Snake. Snake, SNAKE, SNAKEEEEEE!! Shut up I heard you the first time! Solid Snake first debuted in 1987. A stealth action game with a rather complicated plot. Something to do with clones, possession, large nuclear weapons called Metal Gears, well nuclear weapon holders. Let's just say weapons of mass destruction. Anyways Solid Snake is a member of the Fox Unit, a special combat force. While I won't go into too much detail lets just say the game is full of drama and long cut scenes.

#4, Cloud Strife. He probably isn't the most popular of characters from Final Fantasy but he is the most recognizable, right up there with Sephiroth. Cloud Strife is a super soldier with a large sword, which probably means he is compensating for something. Cloud has been in several Final Fantasy and even Kingdom Hearts Games, you know your doing good when you appear in other universes.

#3, Link. Yes I know it's called Legend of Zelda but Link is the real hero. The silent being, pot smashing, sword wielding, Triforce of Courage carrying, green tunic wearing, elf looking weirdo Hero of Time. And Wind. And Twilight. And Trains. Okay hero of everything. But Link has been in numerous games, first debuting in 1986 Link soon became a living legend in gaming. Traveling across the land of Hyrule to save the world, while doing a little fishing on the side. Link is a lover of music and might also be getting stalked by a witch. In any case women and men around the world love this funny hat wearing kid who grew up in the woods.

#2, Kratos. This! Is! Not 300. The God of War Kratos first debuted in 2005. A gory, blood filled game full of monsters and beasts. Kratos being a spartan general and probably someone who could beat me in a fight quickly became one of Playstations greatest characters. The pale complexion, red markings on his face and a scowl that could kill the Kraken is know throughout the world. The God Killer is also the guy who can give The Hulk a run for his money in a angry guy contest, my money is on Big Green.

#1, Super Mario. I hate to say it but you had to know this would be on the list. Super Mario first debuted in 1982 under the name Mario, he was Jumpman in 1981. Super Mario has become a living icon, no one in the world doesn't know who the king of gaming is. The red hat, brown mustache and signature blue overalls can be seen from over a continent away. He has been in countless titles from Mario Party to Mario Kart, dozens of characters have been spawned to fill the Mario Universe from Peach to Bowser and even his sometimes forgotten brother Luigi. Mario has been on dozens of consoles like the Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Gamecube and The Wii. Games have been sent all around the world because of this little plumber and he made my childhood freakin' awesome.

Anyways that is the list of the top ten most iconic videogame characters, in my book. If you feel you have any others you think should be here please feel free to comment.


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