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Top Ten Weirdest Versions of Monopoly

Updated on August 20, 2016

Unfortunately for the board gaming industry, Monopoly is often the game that comes to mind when people think “let’s play a board game”. It doesn’t stop there though as there are almost 3000 versions. While this does include special editions and unofficial versions that is an astounding number of variations on the Monopoly format. Here are some of the weirder ones out there.

10. Monopoly: Alan Turing Edition

Now, I’m all for raising awareness about Alan Turing. He solved the Enigma code in World War 2 and was the progenitor of modern day computers, but is a version of Monopoly really the best way to do this?

As far as I can tell the actual game is the same, but tax squares are replaced with ‘War Tax’ and ‘Bury Gold Bullion’. The rest of the squares are renamed to be relevant to the life of Alan Turing with the ‘Enigma Machine’ showing up in the place of the ‘Water Works’. It’s all a bit surreal really.

9. Monopoly: The Vintage Book Edition

This is one of the cooler versions on this list. Board game boxes are bulky and can be pain to store so having your game just slide nicely onto a bookshelf is a nice idea. It is just the implementation of this idea that is off. Why make it into a vintage book? So you can put it tidily next to your Encyclopedia Britannica or that leather bound version of To Kill a Mockingbird? No. Nobody has done that. Instead it is next all your regular books sticking out like a sore thumb.

8. Sexopoly

While sexopoly is unofficial it is still a game of Monopoly at heart. You’ll be rolling dice, buying property and growing your business empire, but you will also need to answer questions and complete ‘Risky or Frisky’ cards. So between buying up sex-toy real estate you may also have to gradually strip or “Place a piece of food on another player's tummy and gently eat off of it - time to grab those nuts!!”.

Honestly, playing this with your partner might be really fun. Assuming it doesn’t take half a day to reach the climax.

7. Monopoly: M&M's Collector's Edition

Who honestly loves M&M’s enough to warrant the purchase of version of Monopoly dedicated to it? Anybody? All of you who raise your hands should be aware of my disappointment. I can understand one's around your favourite video game or film franchise, but chocolate? Just no.

6. Monopoly: United States Marines and United States Navy

I’ve included both of these games under the same point as they are essentially the same and equal in levels of ridiculousness. As you know the Navy and Marines are well known for their property purchasing history. This is your standard Monopoly affair, but the Navy and Marine themed property and a similarly changed Chance and Community Chest decks. Honestly the military must be horribly underfunded if it needs to turn to selling Monopoly to gather funds.

5. All of the car themed Monopoly games

I know people love cars. I mean I know people REALLY love cars, but is there that much cross over with a love of cars and a love of Monopoly? And does that really mean there need to be so many car versions of Monopoly. There are Nissan, Volkswagen and Peugeot to name a few. These aren’t vintage cars or worlds fastest cars or favourite cars. These are just standard mass produced models. Who are these games being targeted at?

4. Monopoly: Heinz

Man I love those baked beans, but would I ever want a Heinz themed board game? Not especially. And yet we have the option to get one. Life really is full of surprises. This is your standard Monopoly game, but with the Heinz theme. Get this if you really like tomato ketchup, I suppose?

3. Monopoly: Bass Fishing

Who can truly say what a fisherman (or woman) is? Is it somebody who rolls dice, buys property and moves a tiny piece round a board? Or is it those people say by a river with a fishing rod? Who can say for certain, but while you debate this hot topic why not play Monopoly: Bass Fishing. It is the same as regular Monopoly, but with fish.

2. Monopoly: The Walking Dead – Survival Edition

Nothing quite says struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world than buying property and charging your friends to spend the night. It really has that sense of camaraderie that the comics and TV show portray.

1. Bean-opoly

Coffee. There are lots of problematic things about the coffee industry. Does Bean-opoly address any of them? Nah. You are just buying coffee related property, but be careful or else you’ll not pass Brew and won’t collect $200. Alright, no. This doesn’t work. It is ridiculous. Why. Just why...


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