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Top Tycoon Games: Ultimate List!

Updated on February 23, 2016

What's a tycoon game?

A tycoon game is a genre that was really popular a few years back, where you control your own business and make it prosper and turn it into an empire!

There are many types of tycoon games about nearly every type of scaling business. On this list we're going to see the most entertaining and fun!

With the growth of the internet and online multiplayer this genre toned down a lot, but they're still fun and a great way to kill some time! They're addicting as hell too! Lets check out the list!

RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 + 2 Expansions!

1 - Rollercoaster Tycoon!

The RollerCoaster Tycoon saga was/is the best of the tycoon saga, period.

It was that game that everyone needed to have when it came out, in 1999, and it was played for years and still is to this day!

The RollerCoaster saga is insanely huge with three main titles and expansions. What is it about?

Well, from the name is easy to get an idea! In this tycoon game, the objective is to build your own amusement park! You start out with nothing and build attractions and turn it into the biggest theme park in the world!

It wouldn't be a tycoon game without the business part, obviously. You need to recruit managers, employees, carefully spend your money or you'll go broke, etc.

In the start, you get a few minor attractions like carousels and food stands. You need to hire safety employees, janitors, everything that you can remember! After you start to grow, you get to the main focus of the game, the rollercoasters!

My biggest park, i had a rollercoaster all around the park. Freakishly long and huge! The customers didn't enjoy it much, but hey, it's my park!

My darkest moment was opening incomplete rollercoasters and watch my clients fly off to their death.... Not proud of it!

If you haven't tried any of the RollerCoaster titles you should. They're fun and super cheap now!

Insane Rollercoaster :D!
Insane Rollercoaster :D!

2 - SimCity

A tycoon list without SimCity wouldn't even make sense! There has been a ton of SimCity versions made throughout the years, some awful, but most insanely satisfying.

What is SimCity about?

Essentially, you're the mayor of your own city! You start out of nothing. Just a piece of land. From that you build shops, buildings, schools, factories, etc. That isn't all though. Every tycoon game needs that economic side! You can't let your town go bankrupt so you need to balance your expenses with your people's taxes. If you overbuild, you will bankrupt yourself with expenses and maintenance. Like any mayor, you have advisers for every field that tell you what you should do, or what the people want/need.

You also need to take care of the plumbing, electricity, police, firemen, schools, everything! Even monuments. Don't even start me on natural disasters... When that tornado wipes your favorite part of your town... Oh god, why!

Simcity's Natural Disasters Like An Alien Attack!
Simcity's Natural Disasters Like An Alien Attack!

Alien Attack? Obviously a natural disaster!

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3 - Theme Hospital

This one was my favorite for many years! It's super old, still a better game than many coming out these days.

The principle is the same, but now you need to build your own hospital! In this game, however, it's mission based. You go level by level instead of doing your own thing and being profitable. That's kind of a bummer, but it's fun nevertheless! Especially when all types of sick people come in like invisible men, people with their head bigger than a balloon, the variety is insane! And the treatments as well!

It's old, but gold!

4 - The Movies

Another one of my favorite titles, The Movies! Ever imagined how it would be to be a manager of a studio? Well, now you can!

You start out small, but you need to direct your movies, hire staff, actors, actresses and you need to smooth talk them... well, you know how stars can be right? You build your own studio and decide what you're going to produce. Like any other tycoons of this list, you need to manage your staff properly.

On top of that, you need to build connections and relationships. You need to maintain a good relationship with everyone important, so you can keep everyone happy!

This was one of the first tycoons with beautiful graphics and a pleasant interface, which makes it easy and nice to play, even for people that only care about graphics!

5 - Zoo Tycoon

This title is one of the big guys like RollerCoaster and SimCity. However, it doesn't feel as great and addicting as those.

The idea is the same as RollerCoaster Tycoon. Instead of an amusement park you build a zoo! You start out of nothing and start small with only a few animals, until you have every species imaginable! Even dinosaurs!

Although i don't feel that it's as great as the other two titles, it's still an awesome game! When it comes to comparing to RollerCoaster, it's pure preference really. They're almost copy pasted, except for the theme. It's up to you what cup of tea you enjoy best.

A Zoo Tycoon Park!
A Zoo Tycoon Park!

6 - Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon takes a stab at a completely new industry, Game development. Who could've guess that a tycoon game based on creating games would be fun (Inception much huh?). Basically, you start out as a poor indie developer creating games all by yourself and getting reviewed by magazines and websites. Sure, might be a bit unrealistic at first and kind of dull but as the game progresses and you move up from your mom's basement, the game really starts to kick in and fun is ensued.

Game Dev Tycoon is rewarding in another way from the rest. Instead of building a great empire, you're also building your character. There is a sense of pride when you get your first excellent review in a game, or when you hire your first employee, and slowly but steadily build a massive game development company. Highly recommended not only due to the fun but also the originality. Great to see that in this trend of tycoons, some can still go out of their way instead of rehashing game after game.

Build your empire!

Hopefully, this list has pumped you up on building your own empire!

Doesn't matter what game you get from this list, i'm sure it will provide loads of fun and enjoyment!

Good luck and have fun!

Which one do you think it's the best?

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    • profile image

      Sim City fan 2 years ago

      My fav of the list is Sim City! I am been playing Sim City for years...Although this days i like to play such kind of games online and stuck with Virtonomics

    • cochitenz profile image

      cochitenz 3 years ago

      Oops! Thanks for pointing that out! Fixed :D!

    • Billrrrr profile image

      Bill Russo 3 years ago from Cape Cod

      A fine job on this. Good work. You just might want to do a little patching of the cracks. Here's an example: You state - Roller Coaster Tycoon "was that game that everyone needed to have when it came out, in 199, and it was played for years and still is to this day!" Leaving off that numeral makes the game 1800 years old instead of about 20.