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Top toys for 5 year old boys

Updated on December 9, 2015

At 5 years of age boys are no longer babies. This means that the toys, that you can buy for them, much more fun. Whether you let them play on their own or join in the fun yourself. In our list of, top toys for 5 year old boys, we have split the toys into categories, we have some great outdoor toys, Lego toys and the newest hot toys.

Top outdoor toys for 5 year old boys

I love outdoor toys. These toys are great for a boy's coordination and fitness. All of America's kids can do with a little more exercise, fresh air and less video games.

If, you are trying to decide between getting a bike or a scooter, for your boy. What I recommend you do is to have a look at what the other kids in the neighborhood have, then get yours the same thing. That way he will be able to join the other kids.

Spiderman Bike

If you are going to get a five your old a bike, I recommend going with the 16 inch wheels. The next size up is the 20 inch and those are too heavy for five year olds. The Spiderman bike weighs in at only 29 pounds. This bike is at the lower end of the spectrum, cost wise and with bikes you get what you pay for. However at this age they grow very quickly, so I wouldn't overspend on a bike.

The Spiderman bike is a great compromise choice. It's cheap and they can learn how to ride on it.

The bikes training wheels are greet for helping them find a feel for the bike. As soon as they do feel comfortable your boy will have you take them off.

It only takes about 30 minutes to put this bike together.

Razor A Kick Scooter

This is the fast 'grown up' scooter. Kids can really zip around on this toy. There is a metal bit on top of the rear wheel. Kids step on that to stop the scooter.

The steering part of the scooter folds down making it very compact to store or transport.

Razor scooter blue
Razor scooter blue

Height adjustable basketball net

A basketball net, like this one, can be a lot of fun. A boy can play on it for hours on end, preferably with a couple of friends. Doing so will improve his fitness and coordination greatly.

You fill the net's base with water or sand. I recommend sand if the temperature drops under freezing, where you live. A 5 year old isn't going to pull the net over. If a teenager dunks on it, then it might fall over. So don't place the net near a car or something else valuable.

The hoop's height can be adjusted from 7.5 to 10 feet, in 6-inch increments. So you can adjust it to fit your boy's changing height. Adjusting the height is a two man job.

Top hot toys for 5 year old boys

There are always some toys that are very popular, at any given time. If that's what they want I don't see why you shouldn't get it for them.


Bakugan is the newest toy craze. It's along the same lines as that Japanese Pokémon show.

The Bakugan TV show has spawned the Bakugan card game. The card game is pretty clever. It's a combination between a normal card game and marbles.

The Bakugan action figure is a toy made up of 7 smaller toys. Each of the smaller toys fold up into a ball.

Nerf Dart Tag

Nerf makes hard plastic rifles that shoot soft foam darts. The kit on the right has 2 good Nerf guns, 2 tiny guns and some Nerf vests. The guns fire the darts using air pressure, so no batteries are involved. They don't shoot hard enough to hurt anyone.

This is one of those toys with which will make you want to join in.

Top LEGO toys for 5 year old boys

I have always been a big fan of LEGO toys. They are great for stimulating a child's imagination and all little boys feel the need to touch things and build. The 405 piece set is a great starter set for boys.

There is currently a cartoon series based on the new Star Wars movies. LEGO have released some great little Star Wars sets, with characters from the cartoons.

LEGO bricks are pretty much indestructible, so this is a toy which can be kept in the family.

Science kit

There is nothing that says you can't learn while having fun. This is a great toy for kids and parents. You will spend hours measured ingredients, mixing solutions, making predictions and discussing results.

The set comes with a booklet that has simple instruction on how to perform the experiments and helpful sections for parents.

Just 2 warnings: The set requires adult supervision, to be used by kids. Also some of the experiments take up to 2 hours. You have to wait for the reactions to completely run through.

If you enjoyed top toys for 5 year old boys you should also read best toys for 10 year old boys and and best books for 10 year old boys.

Top toys for five year old boys
Top toys for five year old boys


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      8 years ago

      Would not recommend the Star Wars Lego set for a five year old. They toy is a little too advanced with complex instructions on how to build. This could cause a lot of frustration for your child. The recommened age on the toy is 8 and up.


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