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Top 10 Horror Video Games To Play This Halloween

Updated on October 15, 2016
Kyle Atwood profile image

Kyle Atwood is a published author of horror who plays too many video games and watches too many horror movies to be of sound mind.

Somebody say panic?
Somebody say panic?

#10: Cry of Fear

Cry of Fear started out as a total conversion mod for Half-Life. Later, the game was released as a standalone for FREE on Steam. Cry of Fear is the perfect, horrifying baby monster you get when you cross Silent Hill 2 with Condemned 2. All I can say is this: do yourself the favor and download this game.

He just wants a hug.
He just wants a hug.

#9: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

It would be a crime to make this list without this game. This game created and defined a whole new wave of terror and horror. With no means to protect yourself other than the ability to jam your finger on the shift key and the W key, and to hide from your disfigured, hulking predators. Never has a game made someone feel so vulnerable as this one.


#8: Manhunt

The gruesome, stealth-based horror game from Grand Theft Auto creators Rockstar, is the perfect example of why the ESRB rating exists. You stalk and evade hunters, finding various tools to violently get rid of them as per the request of the maniac directing you through his snuff film. Whether you find a plastic bag, a glass shard, a crowbar, a knife,or a bat, you'll certainly be cringing as you watch the varying levels of execution you manage to commit.


#7: Dead Space Series

More action than horror, in my opinion. There are certainly many, many uneasy sights to be held throughout this claustrophobic, gruesome, sci-fi nightmare. You'll wield multiple pieces of equipment to shoot, bash, stab, and saw your way through the multiple, increasingly difficult and terrifying waves of zombie/alien creatures called necromorphs.

#6 Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Whose ever said that Nintendo consoles are for children, have obviously never played Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem. This game has remained as one of the scariest of all time and to be honest, there is nothing really like it. Eternal Darkness uses the elements of psychological horror in some of the most fantastic ways, messing with not only the character but also the player in numerous fourth-wall breaking manners. Without spoiling too much (if you haven't played this game yet), the game at one point, seems to switch itself off. If you stumble across a copy of this game anywhere in the world, do yourself a favor and pick it up. You will not be disappointed.

Let me stand up first...
Let me stand up first...

#5: Outlast

So a journalist drives up to an asylum.... sounds like the start to a bad joke right? Well, there is no bad jokes about this game (unless you count a few smart remarks from the protagonist and a so-called-doctor). Outlast is downright terrifying and original in almost every way. A ton of atmosphere and panic awaits you within this bundle of horror.

Got a moist towelette?
Got a moist towelette? | Source

#4 Resident Evil Series

To be more specific, Resident Evil 1-4 is what I would recommend, but others would think later games are a bit more exciting than those. So, I recommend the series that everyone who knows anything about survival horror, has heard of... Resident Evil. The zombie/alien/parasite blasting bonanza, like Amnesia, defined and created the survival horror genre.


#3 Fatal Frame Series

Most notably, Fatal Frame II: The Crimson Butterfly. A great ghost story, fantastic scares, and a perpetual uncomfortable feeling keeps you on edge in Fatal Frame. There is also a very strong feeling of panic when facing these ghosts with your trusty camera. Very immersive and with such a great atmosphere, it's no wonder these games still hold a special place in the hearts of gamers. A good ghost story, and a perfect way to get yourself into the holiday spirit!

I've messed myself...
I've messed myself...

#2 Five Nights At Freddy's Series

Yes, yes, I know. Throw your stones and sharp objects, I have included FNAF at a rather high spot on this list. Despite the love/hate relationship society has with this game series, FNAF is another one of a kind game. Not just because of the mangled robot animals littering every corridor, but because of the atmosphere and sense of panic and vulnerability you get every time we see one of those electronic abominations knocking at our tightly locked security door. Also, with the numerous jump scares, panic induced button mashing, terrifying ambiance, and downright unsettling antagonists, there is strong elements of survival-horror found in the circuits. The games all involve the upkeep of some kind of form of supply, whether it be power, remaining hidden, or just keeping an eye on these neon colored jerks. There's even a touch of psychological horror instilled into these games. Lest we also forget the numerous theories fans have come up with regarding the lore of the game's story, giving the series another layer of horror. Basically, to summarize, FNAF has taken a bit of everything from all corners of horror and blended it with a few childhood fears and stuffs it inside of a musty bear suit with its players. Go play this game, go watch it on the web, or do a bit of research, this game is one freaky, literally maddening thrill ride. A FNAF marathon alone could be perfect for the holiday season!

#1: Silent Hill Series

The Silent Hill games are the prime of example of all the things horror should be. Each game is terrifying in their own way with the first four games that still remains as shocking as they were when they first released. Whether its reliving the dread, insanity, and horror of Silent Hill 2 or attempting to escape a hellish apartment while things rapidly begin to unravel in Silent Hill 4: The Room or walking into another claustrophobic, tense loop of P.T. The Silent Hill series cannot be compared to on terms of fright, atmosphere, story, depth, symbolism, mystery, memorability, and replay value in the world of horror. There's always something scary lurking around every corner in the fogy town of Silent Hill and it would be a great series to spend a few hours on this Halloween.

Have your own gaming list for Halloween you'd like to share? Leave a comment below! We'd love to hear from you!

© 2016 Kyle Atwood


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