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Top 5 best christmas computer games

Updated on December 16, 2011

Best Christmas Game

Taking the game of the year as a present for christmas would be the game of Starcraft 2. If you buy it, or if the person you want to gift to already has the game, you might consider getting a starcraft 2 gaming mouse for him or her!

If you're on the fence and wondering what is the hoo-ha about starcraft, well it sold 1.5 million copies in its opening phase. How's that for popular? Its predecessor lasted in the spotlight for more than 10 years and is even being played now. With the new starcraft 2 out, it is likely to make more splashes in the future! It makes a safe gift if the person plays computer game, and you could do far worse than getting starcraft 2 for christmas gifts!

2011 Top 5 Christmas Games


Described by some to be Sims in a medieval setting, this game can be something more. It has little in the way of a main story, but has many little touches and sidequests that can take you 80-100 hours to slowly make your way through the game. This open ended sandbox has spawned countless comics and jokes as well as numerous facebook videos and even the creation of new memes like "the arrow in the knee" which is based off the preset comments by the NPCs in the game.

Assassin's Creed Revelations

Continuing the story of Desmond Miles, Altair and Ezio is Revelations which follows the Assassin's Creed series after Brotherhood. This has been said to be the last game with Altair as you follow what happened between Assassins and Templars.

Batman Arkham City

The sequel to the critically acclaimed Arkham Asylum, you once again take Batman to fight villians in this action rpg. Fans of the first game have been eagerly waiting for this sequel. Play Batman as you try to uncover what is happening in Arkham!

Fifa 12

If you're itching for some soccer action, Fifa 12 can be a good answer to your boredom. It has a few new features intended to make the game more real and fun.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Sequel to the previous game which was Modern Warfare 2, this first person shooter brings you to World War 3 continuing closely from the events of the last game with the same Task Force. 1UP gave this game the score of A-

2010 top 5 christmas games

Assassin's Creed 2
A stealth and puzzle based action game.
A sequel to the original assassin game where you go around planning strategy on how to take out your kill target, by eavesdropping, or pickpocketing or a whole range of other mini games.

You play the role of ezio as you walk about the different countries, the atmosphere and graphical experience is wonderful. Probably the best game to come out just in time for Christmas. Gameplay might not be for everyone, but is much improved over the original, and worth a shot even if you didn't like the first one.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
A first person shooter game set in a realistic setting.
positive reviews for this genre, will be excellent for people who enjoy this sort of games. A decent christmas present if they have not already purchased it.

It is the 6 installment and is a direct continuation of the storyline from the fourth.

Known for its great multiplayer component
The game's score was provided by Hans Zimmer, which should be a familiar name

Dragonage: Origins
A roleplaying game with many different elements. Featured by penny arcade comics.
Described as the spiritual successor to the Baldur's Gate series, but is distinct and set in its own world. Received significant praise, and is likely the best rpg for 2009 christmas season.

It is a "dark heroic fantasy" story, told on an epic scale with mature themes, but the downside is the numerous downloadable content that might end up with you parting with the dollars in your wallet.

Football Manager 2010
A football manager simulation game for football fans.
Cons: the person you gift to must like football
Football Manager 2010 is as successful as its predecessors and has topped the all format game charts upon its release recently. Ultimately a must have for football aficionados

This game is also available for digital download on STEAM, but naturally you'll find it in stores. One good thing about the version is stores is that they can also possibly be compatible with a macintosh, if your gift recipient happens to use multiple computers, or has a macbook pro for a laptop.

A role playing top down game by the makers of diablo.

This 20 usd role playing game has Great style and Great polish coming at a Great price
Good replayability
But the bad thing about the downloadable game is that there is No multiplayer

Currently it is only available for digital purchase, although a hardcopy edition will be released sometime next year.


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