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Torchlight 2: Embermage Prismatic Bolt Build Guide

Updated on September 20, 2014
Embermage, Copyright Runic Games
Embermage, Copyright Runic Games

Prismatic Bolt combine with Fire Brand, Ice Brand, and Lightning Brand is one of the most popular build for Embermage in Torchlight 2.

For this article, I’ll explain my own variants of Prismatic Bolt Build.


Dexterity (50 Stat Points)

Put some points here for increase critical hit chance, dodge, and fumble recovery.

Focus (395 Stat Points)

Invest lots of points in focus to inflict massive elemental damage.

Vitality (50 Stat Points)

Put few points here so that you won’t die easily especially if playing on elite difficulty.


Inferno (39 Skill Points)

Charge Mastery (9 Skill Points)

Lets you gain charge faster and retain it longer.

As much as I want to max Charge Mastery, put only 9 points to give more on other priority skills.

Elemental Attunement (15 Skill Points)

The passive skill helps your Prismatic Bolt to proc more Fire Brand, Ice Brand, and Lightning Brand.

Fire Brand (15 Skill Points)

This passive makes your Prismatic Bolt deal more damage when you hit burning enemy.

It also complements with Elemental Attunement and Prismatic Rift.

Frost (62 Skill Points)

Frost Phase (1 Skill Point)

Basically, you are going to use this skill to teleport. You can travel faster, instantly escape danger, and chase enemies better.

One skill point is almost perfect for this skill. Reason:

Low mana cost.

You don’t really need the damage and other effects of this skill.

You save skill points for other skills.

Elemental Boon (15 Skill Points)

This is your power up buff that increases elemental damage and resistance.

At higher levels, it also provides bonus resistance to slow, resistance to immobilization, extra mana charge, and faster cast.

Downside of this skill is the shorter duration and longer cooldown.

Ice Prison (15 Skill Points)

The skill traps your enemies to protect you or party from incoming threats.

A good defensive and support skill.

Astral Ally (15 Skill Points)

Summon partner to assist you in unleashing more damage to enemies.

Frozen Fate (1 Skill Point)

Adding single point to this skill provides chance to freeze additional enemies whenever you kill an enemy.

Ice Brand (15 Skill Points)

This passive makes your Prismatic Bolt deal more damage when you hit frozen enemy.

It also complements with Elemental Attunement and Prismatic Rift.

Storm (31 Skill Points)

Prismatic Bolt (15 Skill Points)

The bread and butter skill of this build!

It lets you deal fire, ice, electric, and poison damage with chance to burn, freeze, shock, and poison enemies. Has low mana cost and seek out nearby enemies.

This skill is overpowered once you have Fire Brand, Ice Brand, and Lightning Brand.

Prismatic Rift (1 Skill Point)

The skill has chance to teleport enemies away when they hit you. It also has chance to inflict random elemental effects.

Single point is enough for this build.

Lightning Brand (15 Skill Points)

This passive makes your Prismatic Bolt deal more damage when you hit shocked enemy.

It also complements with Elemental Attunement and Prismatic Rift.

Spell Tome

Spell: Elemental Overload

This is the answer when Elemental Boon is on cooldown and you need some damage boost.

Alternately cast this spell and Elemental Boon during long run.

And cast both this spell and Elemental Boon during boss fight to provide burst damage.

Spell: Heal All

The spell is good to support you and your party.

Tome: Concentration

Passively increases your mana recharge rate.

Nice additions for the build since you are spamming Prismatic Bolt.

Tome: Animal Handling

Passively increases the power of your Astral Ally and pet.

Equipment Affixes Priority

Boost elemental damage

Basically, it makes your Prismatic Bolt and Brands more powerful.

Critical hit chance and critical hit damage

This multiplies your damage per second.

Health, physical armor, and elemental armor

Embermage that deals huge amount of damage is nothing if already dead. Investing on both health and armor is necessary.

Feel free to make your own variants.

Comments and Suggestions are accepted.

God Bless you more


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