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Torchlight 2: Storm Hatchet Ranged Berserker Build Guide

Updated on May 26, 2017
Berserker, Copyright Runic Games
Berserker, Copyright Runic Games

Storm Hatchet is the primary skill of this build. It is ranged, damaging, and can build up charge bar fast.

Although the build is range, it requires melee weapon equip in right hand to proc important passive skills such as Blood Hunger and Shred Armor.

The build invest high amount of stat points in strength and remaining into vitality. Since Storm Hatchet combine with Battle Standard builds up charge bar really fast, dexterity is not necessary for this build.


Strength (395 Stat Points)

Storm Hatchet damage is base on weapon DPS so strength is the most important stat for this build.

High amount of strength also lets you deal massive critical damage. So you are very deadly when charge bar is full.

Vitality (100 Stat Points)

Invest points in this stat for increase survivability, Blood Hunger’s healing and Shred Armor’s bonus physical armor. Then get more vitality from equipments.


Hunter (46 Skill Points)

Howl (15 Skill Points)

It decrease enemies speed so that they won’t hurt you quickly. Howl also increases the damage they take.

Battle Rage (15 Skill Points)

Increases your all damage the more monsters around.

This buff makes your throwing axe more powerful.

You will also take lesser physical damage in case enemies reach and hurt you.

Blood Hunger (15 Skill Points)

Storm Hatchet can proc this skill as long as you are using melee weapon in right hand.

The skill heals you for a percentage of your maximum health whenever landing critical strike.

Rampage (1 Skill Point)

A 1 point marvel provides unexpected increase in overall speed.

Tundra (39 Skill Points)

Storm Hatchet (15 Skill Points)

Strom Hatchet is the primary skill for this build. The skill inflicts great amount of ranged damage as electric.

At skill’s higher level, Storm Hatchet throws 3 axes, can shatter shields, and builds up charge bar amazingly fast. You’ll gain full charge in a matter of seconds.

Iceshield (15 Skill Points)

This skill is your weapon against ranged enemy counterpart. You’re reflecting their damage while throwing axes at them.

Rage Retaliation (9 Skill Points)

There will be tough melee enemies that may reach you. So put all remaining skill points here to retaliate.

Shadow (47 Skill Points)

Wolf Shade (15 Skill Points)

Summoning wolf will take care of melee fights and steals health for you.

Savage Rush (1 Skill Point)

Place one point in this skill for travelling faster.

Battle Standard (15 Skill Points)

Storm Hatchet is mana hungry when spamming. This skill allows you to spam Storm Hatchet almost endlessly.

Aside from increase in mana recharge, you also gain bonus dodge, knockback resistance, and charge rate.

The whole allies within this skill’s range are affected by bonuses from Battle Standard.

Shred Armor (15 Skill Points)

Storm Hatchet can proc this skill as long as you are using melee weapon in right hand.

Shred Armor steals enemy’s armor for your Berserker.

Red Wolf (1 Skill Point)

It can aid you in case fighting melee battles. Just place single point in this skill.

Spell Tome

Spell: Haste

The movement speed from this spell is important for travelling or creating distance on enemies.

Tome: Weapon Expertise

This tome can make your throwing axe more powerful.

Tome: Willpower

Willpower grants you resistance to slow and immobilizing effects.

Tome: Dual Wielding (Option 1)

Use this tome if dual wielding weapons.

Tome: Blocking (Option 2)

Use this tome if equip with shield.

Spell: Silence (Option 3)

It prevents enemies from casting their harmful skills.

Equipment Affixes Priority

High DPS Melee Weapon

It’s up to you whether you equip two hand weapon or dual wield.


More health increases Blood Hunger life steal.

All Armor

You also need reduction to physical and elemental damage.

Critical hit chance and Critical hit damage

Get more of these from items.

Feel free to make your own variants.

- Arc


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