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Torchlight 2: Summoner Tank Engineer Build Guide

Updated on October 7, 2014
Engineer, Copyright Runic Games
Engineer, Copyright Runic Games

Tank enemies while letting your pet and minions deal the heavy damage for you. Support your whole allies by buffing them and debuffing enemies.

I love this build since it’s effortless once you have all the bots at higher skill level. You don’t need to go from one enemy to another since your pet and minions will take care of them.

The downside that I find about this build is during early levels on elite difficulty where you only have few minions to summon.


Dexterity (100 Stat Points)

Put some few points here to increase your dodge and fumble recovery.

Vitality (395 Stat Points)

The main stat for this build, vitality increases maximum health, armor, and chance to block with shield.


Blitz (1 Skill Point)

Onslaught (1 Skill Point)

You mainly use this skill for debuffing, dashing, or escaping enemies. Just put single point on this skill.

Construction (61 Skill Points)

Healing Bot (15 Skill Points)

Your first summon skill. Don’t forget to always summon this bot.

Provides healing, mana regeneration, and bonus armor.

It’s already available at level 1 so you can save early since you buy lesser potions.

Spider Mines (15 Skill Points)

This is your main summon for damaging enemies. It automatically tracks the enemy and explodes on contact. Kamikaze!

Gun Bot (15 Skill Points)

My personal favorite, this summon provides powerful fire support to multiple enemies.

The summon also buffs all damage.

Sledgebot (15 Skill Points)

Engineers ultimate Bot! The skill summons a gigantic melee robot that sweeps, smash, and fire rockets.

The summon also buffs all damage and all armor.

Tip: Because of the longer cooldown of both Gun Bot and Sledgebot, it is best to alternately summon them so that you always have a powerful companion available.

Charge Domination (1 Skill Points)

The passive skill can help you fill up charge quickly to power up Forcefield or Tremor. It’s also good for your Charge Reconstitution.

1 point is enough for this skill. You get chances to proc this skill the more enemies around so don’t waste extra points.

Aegis (70 Skill Points)

Forcefield (15 Skill Points)

The damage absorption of this skill is really helpful. Don’t go to battlefield without casting this skill first.

Whether for your pet, minion, party, or you, this skill is one of the best defensive buffs especially for team.

Dynamo Field (10 Skill Points)

Use this skill to quickly generate charge. More charges powers up your Forcefield, and Tremor.

Consuming charges also heals your Engineer from Charge Reconstitution.

Mana and skill point wise, I only put 10 for this.

Tremor (15 Skill Points)

This skill is your ultimate debuff mainly weakening enemies around so that your summon bots can deal more damage.

The AOE (Area of Effect) of this skill is huge that is hits almost all foes in your screen.

Immobilization Copter (15 Skill Points)

The drone debuffs like Onslaught with an extra chance to interrupt foes.

Just summon this once and it can slow down multiple enemies. The skill is really helpful during higher level or difficulty.

Aegis of Fate (1 Skill Point)

Just like Charge Domination, you only need 1 point for this skill.

The more enemies attacking you, the more chance you proc this passive skill.

Charge Reconstitution (14 Skill Points)

Your another source of healing. You need this skill passive since you tank enemy punishments.

Spell Tome

Tome: Animal Handling

Permanently boost the power of your pet and minions.

Tome: Blocking

Increase your characters chance to block with a shield.

Tome: Concentration

This skill will help you summon more Spider Mines. You can save some money from buying mana pots.

Spell: Heal All

The skill turns your Engineer to a Paladin. Tanking enemies and healing allies.

Alternately you can choose from below summon spells if desire for more minions. Either equip it to your character or to your pet.

Spell: Summon Archers (Alternate)

Spell: Summon Skeleton (Alternate)

Spell: Summon Zombies (Alternate)

Spell: Summon Nether Imp (Alternate)

Equipment Affixes Priority

Shield with high chance to block or reflect missile damage

Any good tank needs this kind of shield.

Increase pet/minion damage, armor, health, and speed

You need all the bonuses for your pet and minions since it’s your only source of good damage.

Increases maximum health

The more health you have, the better.

Increases physical and elemental armor

You high health is nothing without armor to reduce enemy’s damage.

Reduce all damage taken

Combine this stat with high armor and you can tank better.

Feel free to make your own variants

Comments and Suggestions are appreciated

God Bless you more


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