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Total War: Warhammer: Sieges

Updated on March 27, 2016

Some pretty significant changes to sieges in this installment of Total War and I expected very mixed reviews:

The first big change is the layout of the siege, unlike previous Total War games that allowed the besieger the option to attack a city from any direction they liked by placing and fully walled settlement on the map this edition scales down the siege battle to a single wall and just a little into the edges of the city.

Now this makes sense when you think about it, this game will need to introduce Dwarfen settlements for the first time, large cities dug deep into mountains with a singular entrance and multiple lines of defense but are we happy that this map style has been given out to all siege battles?

Let me know what you think.

Are you for or against the smaller siege map

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The second big change is the way defensive towers are going to work in this edition of Total War, while towers do seem much more powerful than they did in previous games they are now limited to only being able to fire their massive cannons forward away from the walls, a change I personally am very happy about, towers being the bane of my existence in past Total War games.

A change to the towers I am less happy about however is there extended range compared to previous games. There will be no safe haven from these new towers, there range now extends to the full deployment zone of the attacking force, meaning you can’t hang back and test and probe at the walls like before, now you will be forced to take action right away or risk your army being whittled down while you waste time planning.

Full video below:

All in all it’s a significantly different experience than we have seen in past Total War game and it will defiantly be interesting to try out, but I think the developers need to ready themselves for a bit of hate, as fans rarely take change well at first.


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