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Touch My Katamari Present Locations

Updated on June 19, 2013

Touch My Katamari is a video game for the Playstation Vita system. Following in the tradition of the other Katamari games, Touch My Katamari involves rolling up people, objects, and buildings to create the largest katamari possible. In different levels, you can roll up special presents that contain items for you to use to dress up your character and the King of All Cosmos. Collecting all of them gives the play a trophy entitled Hoarder. The presents can only be collected after you beat the level once and play it again to get the cousin. Here's a list of all the presents in the game and where you can find them!


The butterfly is found in the 50 Items level. It is on top of the picnic table near the hill in the picnicking area.


This present is in Make it Big 4 - Rich. It is on top of the refrigerator in the kitchen - use the brooms to get up to it.


The giraffe present is found in Make it Big 7 - Powerful. The present is on a tree next to the statue of the King. It will be on a hill with mushrooms, and you should be around 10m in order to get it.


The horn is found in Make it Big 1 - Playtime, on the corner of the table where the stereo and pencil sharpeners are.


Life Buoy

This present is found in Make it Big 3 - Sports. It is on top of the monkey bars, where a man is doing upside down sit-ups. Use the seesaw to get on top of the structure.


The mask is located in Make it Big 2 - Fashion. After you leave the house to go outside, go to the right. There will be a mole poking his head in and out of the ground. The present is on his head. Get this present before you get too big.

Nice Nose

The nice nose is found in Make it Big 8 - Royal. It is in the second area underneath an octopus.


This present is in Make it Big 5 - Children, and it is in the playground area. Go to the big jungle gym that is next to the monkey bars and it will be on top.


The peacock present is in Make it Big 6 - Workers. It is in the zoo area by the lighthouse and the water on a platform.


This present is in the Diet level. When you are going along the road, go into the fenced area with the candy flowers. Climb up on to the cooking table to find the present.



The snorkel is in the Clean Up level near the very start. It is right next to the TV stand.

Thunder Drums

This present in found in the Cows and Bears level. A man is flying around with balloons, and he's holding the present. Try jumping up to reach it.


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