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Town Scavenger Hunt

Updated on February 22, 2016
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Let’s be honest, for most children wandering around a city isn’t too fun. This is because they really need something to get their minds working i.e. by stimulating them. Thankfully, this is something which is really easy. All you need to do is look into the idea of scavenger hunts.

I am sure you know what a scavenger hunt for children is already. Basically you will provide them with a list of things that they need to find around the town or city and then they can check off each item as they find it! It provides them a great way of looking around the environment, and perhaps more importantly for you, stops them getting bored. There are plenty of scavenger hunt ideas out there for when you are wandering around a town or city, but these are some of my favourites. Let’s take a look shall we?

If you are going shopping in a town or city then you may want to make up a list of things they can find in various shops. For example, different types of colours or styles of clothing, or even bracelets or watches. Once they have found it they can tick the boxes off.. You may want to give them a reward if they complete the list, just to provide them with an extra incentive.


If you are not going to be shopping in town, try to come up with a list which details the various buildings that they may find. This will of course need to be tailored to the specific town that you are based in. For example, you could ask the children to keep an eye out for some of these buildings which can be found:

  • A Museum
  • The Town Hall
  • The Post Office
  • A Fire Station
  • A clothing store
  • A games store
  • The Police Station
  • A bus station

You may also want to extend this idea a little and get them spotting various people that may be wandering around the town that you are in. Try to make this as crazy as you possibly can, just to provide them with a bit of a challenge! Of course, if there are cars driving around the area then you may even want to get them to spot these. Here are a couple of examples that I am sure you will be able to work with:

  • A lady wearing a red dress
  • A man eating a cheeseburger
  • A policeman
  • A man wearing a suit
  • A red car
  • A car made by Ford (this may be slightly difficult for the younger children out there of course, so try to skip out on ones which you think they may not understand)
  • A Bus
  • A tram

Of course, that is just a brief example of the various clues that you could potentially give them. Hopefully it provides you with a rough idea of the things you want them to be on the look-out for though!

One of my favourite types of town or city scavenger hunt will happen in a location that you have never visited before, for example if you are on vacation. This is one of the scavenger hunts you can do for adults too. The idea here is to come up with a list of various landmarks that you will find in that location. You will need to carry out a bit of research beforehand, but don’t worry this is fairly easy. You can then take photographs each time you find the landmark! The great thing is, not only is this going to provide you and your children with an incentive to explore the area, but you will also end up with some nice little photographs for a scrapbook at the end of your vacation!

You may of course need to tailor a couple of these ideas depending on the age group of the children that you are planning to work with. Whilst most children should be able to grasp some simple clues when they are of a reading age, you may want to look into something different if their reading skills aren’t quite perfect yet. For example, for younger children I suggest coming up with a list of printed pictures of the various things that you want them to find whilst they are on their town or city scavenger hunt. This should provide them with a great deal of enjoyment. If you have slightly older children then you may not want to tell them what they are looking for exactly. Instead you can look into the idea of incorporating some scavenger hunt riddles into the mix to really get their brain working. They really will love it!

The day of your town or city scavenger hunt, make sure you have your list of clues ready. Supply the children with a pen if they need it. If you are following one of the suggestions that I made previously then you may want to look into the idea of a camera instead. Tell them what you need to do and you are ready to go! It really is that simple. Don’t forget to bring their prize if there is one going! This is going to be tremendous amounts of fun for your children, and don’t forget, it will also provide them with a learning experience and get them fit too! What more could you possibly want?

Remember, planning a town or city scavenger hunt for children isn’t going to be easy. However, lucky for you, you are living in the age of the internet. This means that there is a wealth of information out there online for you to sink your teeth into. Just find a couple of good websites (like this one) for scavenger hunt clues and it should be a case of simply printing off the list and getting ready to go. My suggestion is though that you try to come up with your own scavenger hunt riddles and clues, just because it is fun to do (once you know what you are doing!)


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