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Toy LawnMowers

Updated on September 8, 2012

Toy mowers are a great gift for summertime birthdays. Have you little one "cut" the grass along side you with their bubble mower. There are many types of Toy mowers so take time ot look to choose the right one for you!

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower

 The Fisher Price Bubble mower has a realistic electric start ignition and levers so that your little one can pretend to control their speed.  The wheels have a  high enouth ground clearance  The cap to the "gas tank"  has a feature that won't let you overfill your bubble mower. This toy received four and a half stars out of five. Parents commented how the bubble mower did not seem to work at first.  However, whenever the bubble solution was replaced with another brand such as Gazillion Bubblesit worked fine.  Parents caution that the solution that comes with the mower may not work and to purchase other bubbles.  Also your youngster may have to take up to ten steps before it begins blowing bubbles.  Parents report overall their child was happy to play with the mower.

Learning Curve Brands John Deere - Electronic Lawn Mower

The John Deere Electronic Lawn Mower has voice prompts for your child to check for oil and for gas. This Toy Lawn Mower has realistic sounds for cutting the grass and adding oil and gas. Batteries are not included! Have your young one cut grass right along beside you. This toy lawn mower received an average of four and half stars out of five stars from parent reviews. Parents commented how their children loved to pushed the buttons and the realistic sounds. Parents stated the sounds were not too overwhelming and only lasted 15 seconds.  On the cons side some parent complained this toy was too small for a four year old even it was recommended for ages 2-5.

Little Tikes Gas 'n Go Mower

The Little Tykes gas and Go mower is very realistic looking. It makes realistic motor sounds and comes with three garden tools and a gas can. Pop beads help give it a realistic sound. This mower has received four stars out of five on parent reviews. Parents comment how much their little on loves to pull the start up cord and push the buttons. Parents also love how this mower can be used indoors or outdoors.

The Little Tikes Mulching Mower has a key with clicking sounds a throttle and pop up beads that activate when the mower is pushed. The lawn mower has a sturdy base and will be durable enough for years of play Lawn mowing  This toy lawn mower received an average of four out of five stars on 89 customer reviews.  Parents state their children never get tired of this toy and it is great for children who have already taken their first steps.  parent s caution that this toy is NOT a walker and should not be used as such.  The Little Tike's Mulching Lawn Mower is a durable toy your child will use year after year. 

 The Moo Moo Moower Moonica is a cute cow lawn mower.  The cow has  popping beads for realistic sound and has features the cow eating grass.  This Toy Lawn mower has realistic cow sounds when the cow is chewing his grass. Your child will fall in love with this toy as they cows head moves side to side when it is pushed. Three AA batteries are included for this toy Mower.  This product averaged four out of five stars in six customer reviews. One reviewer commented that this toy lawn mower gets played with daily, inside and out!

 The John Deere Electric Action Lawn Mower has buttons and a realistic key ignition.  There are several buttons on the top and pull starter.  The lawn mower is realistic and in green and yellow with the John Deere emblem on the front.  Let your child mow grass along side of you with their own John Deere. This push mower offers electric lawn mower sounds.  There are no parent reviews on this toy lawn mower yet!


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    • profile image

      Garnetbird 7 years ago

      Very cute!! I once had an antique book on making children's toys out of wood. No lawn mowers, though! Good Hub.

    • drbj profile image

      drbj and sherry 7 years ago from south Florida

      Gee, kids are lucky today with their toy bubble-blowing mowers. If I wanted to help with the lawn when I was a kid, the best I was offered was an opportunity to rake leaves. Definitely not as much fun.

      My favorite is the Moo Moo mower; probably because I admire cows and even wrote a hub about them: "Cow Facts and Cow Trivia."

      Thanks for the child mower education, Ms Chievous.