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Toy Castles / Forts For Children, Kids Wooden Castles, Cheap Wood Toy Castles For Sale For Boys & Girls

Updated on December 31, 2015

Inspirational Wooden Toy Forts

Cheap Toy wood castles for kids for sale.

Children's toy medieval wooden castles are an excellent form of adventure for young active minds. Kids wooden Forts nourish parts of a hungry brain where computer games have all but destroyed.

Playing with physical toys can assist in increasing imagination, encourages interaction with other children, entertains and teaches inspirational minds.

Cheap wooden toy forts or castles for sale present an opportunity for inspiration. Children need guidance in every aspect of life and the need to get away from computer games is important.

Whilst a child plays with a toy fort, they are actually educating themselves to a high degree without realising it.

History is easily learnt whilst playing with medieval knights on horseback. Learning about the type of medieval weaponry and how it was made, learning about the Crusades in Europe and about Kings and Queens.

The outcome can be phenomenal as physical toys teach a child how to interact with others, even if it is only their younger brother acting as the opposing army.

Melissa & Doug Castles

Melissa & Doug make a huge range of wooden castles for all ages.

Many are folding castles which allow the knights, horses, soldiers and their bits to be neatly tidied away at the end of play. Each one has a proven child safety record and is designed for children to play with for hours.

Durable and colorfully decorated, Melissa & Doug knows children and castles. Kids Christmas gifts will never be the same. Adventure and imagination just got a boost.

Please click on the smaller images to see full selection and discounts.

Wooden castles are much more preferred than plastic. Plastic tends to be brittle and breaks easier, with broken pieces not being able to be fixed properly.

Wooden forts / castles can be stored away for years and handed down from father to son.

Girls love to play with medieval toy castles, it's not just for boys. The regal side of medieval times appeals to girls where within their imagination they can be Queen of the realm.

They have armies of men doing the work which the Queen or Princess desire. Other attractions for girls are the horses and the fact that there is ample furniture available to create a lovely little home for the King and Queen.

Imaginarium Medieval Castle

This brilliant toy castle is large enough and contains exquisite detail for a child's imagination to run riot. Buying separate armies will entice a kids friends, brothers, or even sister to play at being a medieval knight.

Swordplay is always a favourite amongst children, and even most adults.

Owning a toy castle is a hereditary must. Children will remember for many years the fun they have had with one, much more than any computer game or other normal games.

Most games do not allow imagination to come forth, wooden castles allow more fun imagination than any other toy to be emphasised in a growing mind.

Cheap wooden toys like forts or castles for boys ooze imagination. They help educate a child in history and ensure sibling rivalry is kept at a minimum.

Except when they hold big battles against each other.

Prior to purchase, check out the dimensions of each castle. This will help avoid disappointment on the big day.

Self Build Castle Blocks

The array of castles in block form where a child can build their own dream castle is very large. These should really be given to children of about three years old.

They are similar to building blocks and can be used to build many different shapes and buildings. The attention span for these will be short lived by an older child whose adventures take them to a more sophisticated plain.

Toy Medieval Knights & Figures

No castle would be the same without the battling armies.

The choices for these are phenomenal, even though within days the imagination would of taken hold in the child and World War 2 tanks and modern helicopters will be seen in and around the castle fighting dragons and large dolls donated from sisters. This is imagination at its best.

Don't forget the dragon, not the mother-in-law ??!

Click on the smaller images to see full selection and discounts available.

Wooden toys are extremely durable, which is why they are more preferred than their plastic counterparts. Follow these free links to other excellent wood toys selections suitable for every occasion.

Girls Wooden Dolls Houses

Doll House Furniture

More Wooden Castles


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    • icciev profile image


      7 years ago from Kuwait

      Interesting and amazing toys, wish I were a kid to receive one of these as a gift. thanks for this nice hub. voted up


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