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Toy Chain Saw

Updated on February 4, 2011

A toy chain saw is one of the coolest power tool toys on the market today. Kids love to feel grown up and love watching daddy use power tools. You can give your child the same thrilling feeling of horsepower and raw "cutting" power with a toy chain saw. It is fun to watch your child use their imagination and develop story after story involving their trusty saw. Whether they are building a log cabin, cutting firewood for a campfire or chasing monsters through the yard, a whirling toy chain saw with action sounds will keep them entertained for hour after hour.

Technology has really improved and today's toys more closely than ever mimic their real world counterparts. Most toy chain saws deliver the most important thing: a movable chain. These plastic chains are safe, but add a realistic element that was missing from so many replica chain saws in the past. Small circuitry can provide many different sounds like a throttle roar, the buzz of cut wood and the idling chatter of a saw at rest. This adds to the realism and will let your child almost forget that the saw isn't real. Pretend play is now more fun than ever!

There are countless toy saws available both online and in local shops and it is not surprising how many of them are made by the same companies that produce the real thing: Craftsman, Husqvarna, Black & Decker, Bosch and more. Beyond the traditional companies are actual toy makers and Fisher Price makes some of the coolest, most durable toy saws out there. Regardless of whether you are looking for detailed realism or just a fun and colorful toy, there is a toy chain saw for your needs.

Some of the playsets not only include a saw, but will also have other accessories to add to the value. It is common to find toy saws packaged with gloves, goggles, hard hats and other fun items to enhance play time and add to the experience. A pair of boots and simple flannel shirt can have your child ready to tackle Halloween as a cool lumberjack. These add-ons will also please parents because they are a great way to teach a child about safety from an early age, too. Any time a lesson can be disguised as play is a real success!

There are so many great toy chain saws available it will be hard to choose just one. If you have multiple kids you better prepare for a fight over it. This is a great chance to really let a kid's imagination run loose.

Don't be surprised if adults in the house find themselves chasing the kids while pretending to be Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre! There are so many scenarios that can be explored with a toy chain saw. The next time you are shopping for a construction toy or something to let your kids interact with the environment more and a TV set less than try a toy chain saw.


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