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Buy The Best Toy Food Sets For Children

Updated on January 4, 2010

Toy food sets are the perfect way for children to play at cooking meals without the worry of them making a mess.

They can happily play at concocting a range of meals that they can present to you or that they can present to their dolls.

You can choose to buy a plastic food set or a wooden food set and easy way to buy is online.

Here are some great play food sets that you can by from Amazon today.

Toys R Us - Just Like Home 85-Piece Play Food Set

This is a fantastic food set that will keep your children amused for hours on end. There are 85 individual pieces of plastic toy food that can be used to create a whole host of different meal combinations.

85 piece toy food set from Toys R Us
85 piece toy food set from Toys R Us

The variety of food items include fruits, vegetables, food in cans and food in bottles.  These can be used to play at adding ingredients to a pot or frying pan.  The other food items that are also in this set include a waffle, hotdogs and a hamburger.

There are also some toy candies and plastic chocolates included in this range.  Your child can present desserts like ice cream, pretzel and a doughnut.

This is a toy set that can be played with on its own or you can buy it as an accessory to a toy kitchen range.

Melissa & Doug Cutting Food Box

This is an excellent toy food set for children to experiment with different pieces of fruit and vegetable. This toy is not only attractive but it is also interactive and fun.

Melissa & Doug toys for children are always educational and this is no exception. There are 31 different pieces in this little presentation box.

You also get a wooden knife and a wooden cutting board so that a child can practice cutting food.

The added extra with this toy is that each of the pieces are connected with Velcro so that when they are separated, there is a crunching sound that is exciting to hear.

This toy set is recommended for children aged 3 years and upwards.

Melissa & Doug wooden cutting food box
Melissa & Doug wooden cutting food box

The food set includes:

A carrot

A watermelon

A cucumber

A tomato

Slices of bread

Any child will have lots of fun playing with this toy either on its own or with a toy kitchen range. 

Melissa & Doug wooden toy cookie set
Melissa & Doug wooden toy cookie set

Melissa & Doug Slice and Bake Cookie Set

If you have a budding baker in your family then you should definitely consider purchasing this Slice and Bake Cookie set.

This is another great example of a toy set from the Melissa & Doug brand. They produce items that are not only fun to play with but there is also an educational element too.

This is toy set and consists of:

  • 12 wood cookies
  • 12 decorating pieces
  • A cookie tube to store all the pieces in
  • A wooden toy spatula
  • A wooden toy knife
  • A wooden baking tray

A child can practice their motor skills and their coordination by learning how to place different layers on top of each other.

This toy set is great to play with on its own or you can buy it as part of a complete if you also opt for the Melissa & Doug toy kitchen set.


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