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Toys Kids Love: Zoobles Toys for Children

Updated on September 18, 2013

We all love to buy toys for our children that they love to play with. And you've heard it said before that sometimes it's the small things in life that make us happy. That's not always the case but for my 2 year old granddaughter this last Christmas, it was definitely the small "Zooble" toys that made her happy this last holiday.

And what exactly are Zoobles anyway? According to their product website, Zoobles are "collectible, colorful characters that pop open when placed on their magnetized 'Happitat'."

They come representing different characters from pets like cats and dogs all the way to dinosaurs. In the world of the Zoobles, there are three kingdoms: Petagonia, Azoozia, and Seagonia.

Cute little creatures, they are!

Zoobles made a great gift this year

I had heard and seen my older 9 year old grand-daughter play with her Pet-Shop toys for the last couple years, but this year was the first time I was introduced to Zoobles, and I now have that feeling that the darling little creatures will be part of my life for years to come (assuming the 2 year olds interest stays intact for her new little Zooble friends)

When we gave our 2 year grand-daughter her 3 Zoobles this year, they were an instant hit. Although her mother said she had not been that excited earlier when opening presents, when it came to the Zoobles, her enthusiasm ran high to get to the next package once she realized it might be another Zooble!

After she opened her 3 creature presents, she played with them for a good solid hour, took a break for awhile then went back to them for about another half an hour.

Each Zooble is small enough to be held in her hand, and each Zooble comes with it's own little habitat (a house with a little door) The Zoobles main attraction for my grand-daughter is the fact that they get bigger (you put them on their house and the little magnetic makes them pop up bigger out of their body) and the Zoobles also open and close their eyes (she had a lot of fun "waking" them up and putting them back to "sleep")

Other Zooble playsets

After purchasing these first 3 of probably many more Zoobles to come, I have found out that there is a whole following for Zooble enthusiasts - not only are there many different types of Zoobles - but they even have other special Zooble attractions like the:

  • Zoobles - Undersea Adventure Playset
  • Zooble Nursery: Zooble Mom's House and Her Babies

Although I would say that it's most likely girls would love the Zoobles, I can also see these as toys that boys would also enjoy.


Cast your vote for Zoobles toys for children

My product rating for the Zooble toys

Zoobles toys for children can be purchased from various stores (this is where I got my grand-daughters) but they can also be found online through Amazon. You can purchase Zoobles separately (they run about $7 each and up) or you can purchase a gift set with a collection of Zoobles, and/or ad special Zooble adventure sets like I mentioned above.

Zoobles do different things (some light up or have other attributes - read the label before purchasing to see what your Zooble "does")

Although they are recommended for children ages 3 and up, I did buy these for my grand-daughter even though she is only 2 (but her mother does supervise her and she is almost 3) If you have a child that likes to put small things in their mouth, I would not recommend them, as they are little and kids could choke on them. Also, if you buy these for your older child and have an infant, make sure they understand not to let their smaller siblings play with or give them a Zooble. Zoobles do scrunch down into a ball and could be mistaken for candy by a very small child.

I highly recommend these adorable little creature toys for children. My grand daughter is definitely having a blast with her new pet Zoobles. They are colorful and well made toys that definitely spark creativity and help children build a sense of community. I rate Zooble toys a 5 out of 5.


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