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Toy Story 3 Jessie and Bullseye Doll

Updated on November 19, 2010

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I ordered the doll that I thought my daughter would like the most. When she got the present, she looked so happy. I knew that the Jessie doll would make her smile. When her friends come over to play, they are all excited by the doll. They asked her where she got it. I told their parents that they could buy it online. You can get a good deal usually. I also saw some other Toy Story toys on Amazon. They all looked so real and cute. I was very tempted to buy some more but I did not want to spend too much this year. I also bought a copy of the Toy Story 3 DVD. My daughter has been watching that movie almost every day it seems like. If you enjoy everything about Toy Story 3, I would advise that you buy it all on Amazon. If you buy them all together, you can usually get free shipping.

Toy Story 3 was one of my daughter’s favorite films this year. I have to say that I really liked that cartoon by Pixar too. The characters were all so loveable. My daughter particular liked Jessie the Cowgirl. This year for Christmas I wanted to get my daughter something memorable. I decided that since she really liked Jessie, I would get her the Toy Story 3 Jessie doll. I first went to many stores in my neighborhood like Toys R’ Us and Wal-Mart but I could not find the doll. I was close to giving up my search until a friend of mine told me that I could buy it online. I quickly went online that night and did a search for the Jessie doll. I found that Amazon sold several of them. I was so relieved to have found them.


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