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Toy Story 3 Lotso Huggin Bear

Updated on November 22, 2010

Click Here to Buy Lotso Huggin Bear

When I ordered and received my Lotso, I immediately tried the voice feature. He had these creepy lines which made it all the more interesting. I know some people might be put off by the creepy voice but that is his personality. If he was not creepy then he would not be the character from Toy Story 3. The voice is also interactive. Apparently Lotso can tell when you raise your voice at him. I liked the bear so much that I even got my girlfriend one too. She seems to like Lotso. She was taken back by how accurate it was to the one on Toy Story 3. She told me that the voice really creeped her out. I told her that she could take out the batteries if that was an issue. After taking out the batteries, all was well. If you are a Toy Story fan then you definitely have to get Lotso the Huggin Bear. This one would be a great addition to your collection.

Do you love Lotso Huggin Bear from Toy Story 3? He was the villain that was cast aside in the movie. Because he was tossed out by his owner, he became very bitter. Even though he is an evil bear, I have to say that he is still very cute. Ever since I saw him in Toy Story 3, I knew I had to have that bear. I searched for Lotso all over town in many different stores. Most places were sold out. I finally found Lotso on Amazon. On Amazon, they were selling a very accurate depiction from the movie. In fact, Lotso not only talked like the bear from the movie, he also actually smelled like strawberries. The bear is 14 inches tall so it is a pretty big sized bear.


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