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Toy Story 3 Playtime Sheriff Woody

Updated on November 21, 2010

Click Here to Buy Playtime Sheriff Woody

There was many other Toy Story toys that I wanted to buy too. I bought several other toys because I wanted to give them to family members and friends. My family members absolutely love the gifts that I gave them this year for Christmas. Apparently they all love Toy Story just as much as our family does. The Woody toy that I bought says all the same lines in Toy Story 3. The only thing that was not the same was the voice. It was not voiced by Tom Hanks. Other than this problem the toy looks exactly like the one from Toy Story. When I left it crumpled on the bed, it looked like that one scene in Toy Story. This is definitely a collector’s item. If you want the original Woody, then this is what you need to get.

My kids love Toy Story 3. They especially love the main character Sheriff Woody. Since they loved Toy Story so much, I wanted to get them something special for Christmas. I looked online and found that there were many Toy Story dolls for sale. I found the Toy Story 3 Playtime Sheriff Woody and bought it. It was on sale at Amazon and I bought it right off the bat. When we received the doll several days later, my kids’ eyes just brightened up. They started playing with the doll and would not put it down. When their friend’s come over, they want to play with Woody too. The parents of these kids always ask me where I bought the Woody toy. I told them that they can find it online at Amazon.


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