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Toy Story 3 Toys - New Toy Story 3 Action Figures, Roaring Rex, Buzz, Woody, Life Size Figures and More!

Updated on September 8, 2011

As of this date, Christmas 2010 is only a few months away and there is no doubt that the most popular Christmas toys of the year revolve around the Toy Story 3 movie.

Older fans became fans again and a crop of new fans popped up as well with this last touching movie and Disney has gone all out to ensure that there were plenty of toys and games available this Christmas due to popular demand.

Toy Story 3 figures, playsets, board games, video games, Lego sets, Leapfrog books and so many other wonderful items are available to make great gifts for your little Toy Story 3 fan.

This article focuses mainly on the "real size" or "true to life size" figures in the movie - just like the Toy Story Toys Andy played with.

Characters include:

  • Full Sized and Working Slinky
  • Full Sized Ken and Barbie Doll
  • Full Sized RC The Remote Control Car
  • True To Life Size Aliens - 3 pack
  • Lotso Bear (available in 8",14" or 15" sizes)
  • True to Life Sized Big Baby
  • 6" tall Buttercup
  • 6" tall Stretch the Octopus
  • 6" plush Mr. Pricklepants
  • Coin Launching Evil Dr. Porkchop

  • 12" Buzz Lightyear
  • 16" Talking Woody
  • Full sized Rex the Dinosaur
  • Talking Jessie Doll
  • Full Sized Bullseye Figure
  • Full Sized Mr. Potato Head
  • Full Sized Mrs. Potato Head
  • Bucket o' Soliders
  • Full Sized Big Talking Chatter Telephone
  • 9 1/2" tall Chunk
  • Full Sized Sparks figure
  • Full Sized Twitch

Toy Story 3 Toys - 12" Talking Buzz Lightyear

This is the 12" Buzz Lightyear - the same size toy that is in the movie and it acts like the same toy as well.

There is a button to press for Buzz's talking feature - When you press the green oval button you will get talk back mode.

He has a light up laser button that makes the same sound effect as in the movie. He also has a level sensor which can tell if he is standing vertically, or in a horizontal flying position and the sounds will respond accordingly.

He even has film accurate pop out wings.

Toy Story 3 Talking Sherriff Woody Figure

This is the 16" Talking Woody figure from the Toy Story 3 movie.

He's got the real pull string on his back that will make him talk and also knows if you are shouting or talking normal.

He responds to the tone of your voice in "Andy's Room" phrases.

This figure also includes a stand and batteries.

Toy Story 3 Rex the Roaring Dinosaur

This is Rex The Roaring Dinosaur. He stands 12" tall just like in the movie.

His jointed arms and legs rotate and you can activate his talking/roaring when you turn his tail.

He too has an auto response feature that will respond with speech and movement when you talk or shout at him, and he also recognizes voice tones.

Toy Story 3 RC-Remote Control Car

This is an awesome Toy Story 3 RC - Remote Control Car.

RC does more than most remote cars however. He magically bounces up and down, moves from side to side and even spins 360%

The wireless remote control can move him forward, in reverse and have him doing spins.

RC also has sound sensors that activate sound effects and movement, and an obstacle avoidance sensor that prevents him from having a collision.

There is a voice activation mode that has him spinning or driving toward you, and other multiple sound effects. He also has free motion eyes.

Toy Story 3 Space Aliens 3 Pack

This is another great set of characters right out of the movie.

This is an Aliens 3 pack.

Each Alien has a different facial expression.

This item comes in a unique package with certificate which also makes it an awesome item for collectors.

Each alien has film accurate paint details and were sculpted using original Pixar data files.

Comes with a Toy Story Collection Certificate of Authenticity.

Toy Story Pull String Talking Jessie Doll

Talking Jessie is also right out of the Toy Story 3 movie.

She comes with a pull string like Woody and talks and yodels.

This doll includes Cowgirl Hat, Flexible Rodeo Lasso, & Critter

She says great things like

  • "Hi, There I'm Jessie"
  • "Yee-Haw"
  • "Lets ride like the Wind"
  • "Way to go cow poke"
  • "Lets Yodel" and
  • "There is nothing like a good adventure!"

Toy Story 3 Full Sized Bullseye Figure

This is Woody's trusy horse Bullseye.

Just like in the movie Bullseye is 16" tall and has floppy ragdoll legs and body.

He is the perfect ride for Jessie and Sheriff Woody and a must have for Toy Story fans.

Toy Story 3 Slinky Dog

This is the adorable Slinky Dog featured in the Toy Story movies.

A very popular toy in the 1950's, he has reemerged as a childhood favorite.

Slinky dog is a pull along toy. Very cute..his back legs wiggle to catch up when he is pulled.

For children ages 2 and up - he is the perfect sidekick when playing with the other Toy Story characters.

Potato Head Playskool Toy Story Mr. Potato Head

Another favorite character from the movie, this Mr.Potato Head comes with all of the accessories he sported in the Toy Story movie.

(He even features a "tater tush" storage compartment.

Body parts include:

  • Hat
  • Shoes
  • Glasses
  • Tongue
  • Two mustaches
  • Two sets of eyes
  • Two noses
  • Ear accessories

All accessories fit back into his "tater tush" storage compartment when not in use.

Playskool Toy Story Mrs. Potato Head

And who would Mr. Potato Head be without his precious Mrs.?

Mrs. Potato head is also sporting all of the accessories she did in the Toy Story movie.

Her body parts include:

  • Hat
  • Shoes
  • Glasses
  • Lips
  • Ears
  • Earrings
  • Nose
  • Eyes
  • Flower
  • Purse accessories

She too has an adorable "tater tush" to hold all of her accessories when not in use.

Toy Story Bucket o Soldiers

The classic bucket of soldiers is also making a great comeback thanks to Toy Story 3.

This bucket looks just like the ones the soldiers use in the movie and so do the figures.

The bucket contains 72 green plastic soldiers in variety of poses.

These soldiers are scaled to 12" Buzz lightyear

They also have working plastic parachute.

Barbie Toy Story 3 Made For Each Other Gift Set

The romance between Ken and Barbie was a movie favorite.

Mattel combined with Disney/Pixar have reproduced Barbie and Ken in their famous outfits from the movie.

Not only that, but this Barbie has a special kissing feature when you press Barbie's back to give Ken a kiss and even includes lipstick to leave a "lasting" impression.

Toy Story Lotso Huggin Bear

The Huggin Bear Lotso was another break out hit from Toy Story 3. While each of these bears look just like the one in the movie, they do come in 3 different sizes.

There is the 8 inch, 14 inch or 15 inch Lotso bears to choose from.

The bear shown here is the 14" tall bear. He has unique facial expressions and laughs if you tickle his feet. He also has a soft plush body with velcro hands for easy hugging, poseable arms and poseable legs. His eyes close when laid down.

If you press his left hand he will say Toy Story phrases, if you press his right hand he will say Come Alive phrases just as in movie.

He also responds accordingly to the tone/volume of your voice and knows if you are shouting or speaking softly.

If you would look to see the other Lotso Huggin Bears available for sale, simply click here.

Fisher-Price Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3 Big Talking Chatter Telephone

Another great addition to the latest Toy Story movie is this adorable Chatter Telephone.

This was another classic toy that is becoming popular all over again and will probably become hard to find when this Christmas.

The Talking Chatter Telephone has fun electronics, so he can "ring" and say "psst" to attract the caller to answer the phone

There is a spinning rotary dial so you can call your favorite Toy Story 3 character (there are 4 to choose from).

As he is pushed along, he makes squeaking sounds and his eyes move up and down

Another great addition to the Toy Story 3 Toy collection.

Toy Story 3 Deluxe Big Baby Collectible Figure

This is an item from the Toy Story 3 movie that would be considered a collectible.

This highly detailed figure is true to scale and larger than life.

This will be another hard to find item during the holiday season because it is the ultimate in Toy Story 3 figure collecting.

Each of these figures includes an original character sketch and a bio inside.

Disney / Pixar Toy Story 3 Basic Action Figure Buttercup

This is little Buttercup, the Unicorn.

He measures approximately 6 " tall and his head turns.

There is not much to say about this little guy except that he is another hard to find figure and perfect both for Toy Story 3 collectors and Toy Story fans.

Toy Story Deluxe Figure Stretch

Stretch the Octopus is another great figure you little fan will love.

They can recreate their favorite Toy Story 3 movie scenes with this adorable Stretch octopus figure.

He features full articulation and measures approximately 6 inches. Another harder to find Toy Story item.

Disney Pixar Toy Story 3 Mr. Pricklepants 6" Plush Figure

This is Mr. Pricklepants also from the movie.

This is a plush figure approximately 6" tall.

Another great character for kids to add to their toy story collection.

Toy Story 3 Coin Launching Evil Dr. Porkchop

Another character to made a huge impression in the movie is the Evil Dr. Porkchop, with his sarcasm and smart remarks.

This is considered a deluxe action figure, because he also happens to have coin popping action where he shoots coins from his slot.

Toy Story Figure - Chunk

This is Chunk.

Chunnk is 9.5" tall and poseable and also directly out of the Toy Story 3 movie.

What is also fun about Chunk is that he has multiple facial expressions.

He also makes a Screerittch sound when you activate his face changing feature by pressing the Rock Button on the top of his head.

Toy Story Figure Twitch

Twitch is another new character in Toy Story 3.

When you press his head down he opens his mouth and makes "bug-like" sound effects.

When you press the button on his stomach, it extends his wings

Toy Story Figure Spark

Spark is 8" tall.

He too has multiple facial expressions and has an articulated head, waist and extendable arms.

When you press on his head his chest lights up.


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