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Buzz LightYear Toys

Updated on August 22, 2011

Buzz Lightyear is one of the most popular figures in the Toy Story series. You know he up to his usual heroics when he says To infinity and Beyond. This spaceman with the ego has captured the hearts of many. He first appeared in Toy Story as a Space Ranger who did not know he was a toy. Since then he has grown to be a hero of sorts. This character even had his own TV series, Buzz Lightyear of Star Command.

As you may or may not know Buzz Light Year is a Space Ranger from the Intergalactic Alliance and is stationed in the Gamma Quadrant of Sector 4. But what you didn't know is that he was actually in outer space. Yes this Thinkway Toy was placed on the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery in May of 2008 and taken to the Space Station. he stayed there for six months before returning to Earth. He was said to be a part of NASA's Toys in Space program.

Does your little space ranger want a Buzz lightyear for their very own? Then check out this selection of Buzz Light Year Toys

Disney Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure -- 12"

The Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Ranger says his favorite phrase "To Infinity and Beyond!' This 12 inch space ranger says five different phrases and has extra sound effects. His arm has a laser button and sound effects.  36 Parent reviews gave this toy four out of five stars. Parents state their children love this toy overall.  Their favorite part of this action figure is the the lights and sounds.

Disney / Pixar TS Blast-Off Buzz Lightyear TV Item

 The Blast Off Buzz Lightyear comes complete with wings.  He is 12 inches tall and has over 30 phrases.  He comes complete with lights and sounds.  Push is arm for a laser sound and push the button on his chest for voice.  Is is made to ride in the RC Free Wheel Buggy.  He also has pop out wings.  He is pose able and has a retractable helmet.  This toy received four out of five stars out of 34 parent reviews. Parents report their children love this toy.  There was concern because it gets played with often that the wings would break.  However the wings are connected by a string so they will not get lost and they are able to be placed back on the toy.

The Buzz Lightyear Action Figure from Toy Story 3 is 12 inches tall. Buzz LightYear has great sound and light effects. His voice is the original voice from the movie and he can 65 phrases. He is the most advanced model Buzz Light year to date. He has new features from the older models. In Talkback mode this toy turns his head and respond to your voice with one of his 65 phrases. Put Buzz in flying mode and his wings pop out. This Buzz has a level sensor and knows if he is flying horizontally or standing and will respond with his voice. He has a laser and sound effects in his arm. He also has fully pose able fingers,elbows, knees and other joints. This Toy was given four out of five stars in 17 parent reviews. Parents state that this is the Buzz lightyear to own if you play with the toys or are just a collector. One parent was impressed that the green on Buzz's Space suit Glows in the Dark! Another parent cautions to buy a cheaper Buzz Lightyear if you have a child that throws toys or is hard on them. Otherwise parents state this Buzz Light year was well worth the Money!

Disney Pixar Toy Story Backyard Deluxe Electronic Buzz LightYear

 The Backyard Buzz Light Year is geared for adventure.  This toy has a  working compass with a magnifying glass on top to help Buzz navigate his way through the yard.  Also unique to this Buzz Lighyear is that he has a strap that goes on your childs hand as he helps Buzz LightYear fly through the backyard.  This Buzz comes equipped with the usual laser light on his arm and other fun sounds.  Parents gave this toy four out of five stars out of 27 customer reviews.Parents comment how durable the toy is and how much their children love it.  A grandparent even stated their grandchild goes to sleep with Buzz every night.

Disney / Pixar Ultimate Buzz Lightyear

The Disney Pixar Ultimate Buzz Lightyear seems to have it all. He is bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English. He is also fully programmable. You can control his movement form a remote control or by voice command. He can walk and talkas well as other movements. Buzz alos has two different 'personalities" If you say to him " Space Ranger" He will reply like he is fresh out of the box as a member of the Universe Protection Group. if you say "you're a Toy" he responds like Buzz Lightyear would. He has over 100 phrases and his mouth and eys move when he talks. Parent reviews gave this toy four stars out of five. Parents were very pleased with this toy, calling it the best toy Disney has ever made. Parents also comment that this toy is worth every penny. The Ultimate Buzz Lightyear takes three AAA batteries and 11 AA batteries that are NOT included.

Toy Story Electronic Buzz Lightyear

The Electronic Buzz Lightyear Action figure has lights and sounds.  it even has pop up wings that span up to 12 inches wide.  He is fully pose able right down to his fingers.  He needs three AA batteries  that are included.  This toy is recommended for children ages four and up.  This toy averaged four out of five stars  out of 34 customer reviews.  Parents state that thier children loved this toy.  There is mention in the reviews that the wings may fall off easily. But one parent resolved this issue with superglue.

Toy Story 3 Deluxe Talking Buzz Figure

The Toy Story 3 Deluxe Talking Buzz figure is a mini version at 6 inches tall. He can say up to five phrases from the movie Toy Story 3. This toy scored 4 1/2 stars out 5 on three parent reviews. Parents liked the cartoonish quality to this Buzz lightyear. And they also liked the fact that it was small. Small enough to tote around and not bulky like the other Buzz Lightyear dolls. One parent mentioned how their daughter liked it because it was somethingshe could cuddle and at the same time, it talked. Children overall loved this figure. The helmet on this figure does not move up and down. It is perfect for the little children as it does not have a lot of little pieces.

Toy Story 12 Inch Nighttime Rescue Buzz Lightyear

 This is a very different version of Buzz Lightyear.  The Nighttime Rescue Buzz Lightyear is not the traditional white Buzz, instead he is all in black. He has some cool feature s too like a firing missile, a missile launcher, a high powered laser blaster and night vision goggles.  He does say phrases  Eleven Parent reviews gave this toy four  and a half stars out of five stars.  Parents commented that this toy is sturdy and children loved to play with him.  They really liked the missiles and launcher too.


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    • ladyjane1 profile image


      8 years ago from Texas

      Nice hub. I sell Avon and they have the cutest Light Buzzyear alarm clock and doll pillows of Buzz and Woody. Very nice hub here. Cheers. I love toy story.


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