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Childrens Toy Wooden Castles and Forts For Kids Both Boys & Girls

Updated on November 25, 2015
Childrens Toy Wooden Castles
Childrens Toy Wooden Castles

Cheap Toy Wooden Castles For Children For Sale

Cheap toy wooden forts or castles are both educational and fun. They provide kids with hours of playtime and can encourage siblings to play together without the need for parental supervision

Wooden castles and forts are not as dull as people think. Most parents now buy their children computer games and consoles for every occasion throughout the year, then spend a lot of time telling the children that they are not allowed to play with them. This is usually as a punishment for being naughty.

Computer consoles, as many parents have discovered, can breed contempt in younger children. This can lead to behavioural patterns later on in life as everything that takes a child away from a computer screen is deemed horrible according to many children.

Parents Choice, Wooden or Plastic ?

Plastic (The downside)

Plastic toys are usually made in Korea or China. These toys are usually moulded plastic with good detail. BUT...many of these types of toy castle barely last till past New Years Day without some kind of dame.

Brittle plastic has left many unhappy children and parents and relatives out of pocket.


Wood toy castles provide an opportunity for a long lasting toy. Wood has proven to last for years and then can be passed down to your childrens children.

There is a large volume of wooden toy forts and castles for sale which are cheap enough for parents, but exciting enough to provide total entertainment for hours each day.

Buying from a reputable firm such as Amazon, gives a guarantee in case something is broken. The refund policy is excellent and gives piece of mind.

Playing with toy castles allows children to interact with other kids. Watch them as they battle their friends and begin to realise what imagination is, which games consoles take away.

Playing at knights is a pastime which all children love.

Sword play is energetic and provides a much needed exercise without the children realizing it.

Click on the smaller images to see the full selection available and discounts.

Mini Toy Castle ( Robust Plastic )

The selection of first time castles are for children whom have never owned one, or for parents who do not wish to splash out a fortune on a toy which their child may not like.

Priced to help parents, these toy castles for boys or girls are excellent value. One of the best parts about toy wood forts and castles is that you can add to them.

Adding on extra knights on horseback, siege towers and catapults as well as archers, axe-men, and even wagons. This is all part of an education system without boys or girls knowing it and will be played with for years.

Years Of Playtime

Toy wooden forts & castles help teach children to save for things that they want. Playing with knights such as the Crusaders help make history come alive as the children re-enact battles.

Toy medieval castles can be passed down from generation to generation, or even sold on once a child has outgrown their castle ( although boys seldom outgrow playing at being a knight ).

Click on the smaller images to see full selection available.

Girls wooden castles are fun, after all, every little girl wants to be a Princess. Girls castles are usually more pink in color but also allow hours of fun, even if the castles are invaded by giant Barbie dolls.

Boys and girls will always play with the same toys, and don't be surprised if after a while the little girls brothers are invading her castle with their own knights.

Cheap Princess Castles for girls are always greatly appreciated and received; they can be bought for any occasion.

Click on the smaller images to purchase or for full selection available.


Knights & Horse Sets

No castle is perfect without two armies. The defenders pitching battle against the invading marauders. Knight sets sometimes contain two colors of knights, catapults, cages, and extra weapons. This all adds to the entertainment value for children.

Free Links To Other Classic Childrens Toys

The First Castles in England

The first recorded castles that were built in England date back to 1066. When the Normans invaded England in 1066, they began to build over 1000 'Motte and Bailey' style castles.

The names of these defensive castles came from the French language meaning 'mound' and 'enclosed land'.

Each castle was surrounded by a substantial ditch with earth ramparts fortified by a tall log fence (palisade). Stones were not used to build castles until 1100 AD.

Within the walls were the towns peoples dwellings, barracks, black smiths, and stores of grain and other food stuffs.

The most important part of any castle was the 'keep'. This was built on the largest mound of earth and could range from 24 feet to 80 feet high. Only the owner of the castle and their family and servants lived in the keep.

Many castles that are still standing today began life as Motte and Baileys castles. As time and building practises changed, newer castles were built over old castles.

Windsor castle in Berkshire began life as Motte and Bailey castle and is still one of the Queens' homes.

The castles were extremely cheap to build and most could be fully erected and functional within two weeks.

Stone Castles

During the 12th century, there was a greater need for a more robust type of castle. European conflicts proved very vicious and loss of life was extreme.

Wooden palisades were easily burnt down allowing the town to be destroyed and the inhabitants murdered.

William the Conqueror began a massive building programme of stone castles. Initially, all towers were rectangular, with circular towers being constructed years later.

As the Normans were the invaders of England, they were massively outnumbered by the English. By building huge stone castles, the Normans had a safe place for their troops to live and were designed to intimidate the English and prevent any uprisings.


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