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Toy Wooden Castles and Forts for Sale, Christmas gift ideas for boys

Updated on April 24, 2017

Toy wooden castles and forts provide excellent fun and entertainment for growing imaginations. Wood castles are the perfect gifts for Christmas or any other occasion: and are one of the only toys which are usually never broken by New Years Day.

Each piece of a fort or toy castle can tell a story and invokes imagination beyond comparison next to other toys which are available today. These wooden castles are perfect educational toys for children

Wooden castle sets can be added to through pocket money priced toys and accessories. The expanding capabilities of toy castles and forts allow children to learn to save for the things they require.

Educating children about the Crusades, historic battles, and architecture with real castles will be more fun and can help with a child's insight into history.

Unlike many other toys, wooden castles that are given as a Christmas gift will last past New Year unscathed.

Every little boy and girl should have the right to be as creative as possible. Whilst playing with forts, castles or doll houses, young children learn real life qualities.

A girl with a doll house or girls Princess castle will learn about bathing children, the importance of family, and the art of moving furniture about a room several times a day.

Are castles the right gifts?

Millions of grown men have very fond memories of playing cowboys and Indians or with their toy castles when they were children.

One day the castle is a fortress for keeping away the marauding armies of the Little Sister and the Giant Barbie Doll; the next day army cadets arrive by the air in fighter helicopters as the air force keep the invading armies of the Annoying Bigger brother at bay.

This is the imagination of a young child blooming into a free thinking individual.

Click on the smaller images to view full selection and discounts available.

Which castle is best?

The castle should fit the child. Pink castles are standard for girls and should come with less military units. Girls do love playing with castles, but they tend to prefer a royal family with a beautiful princess than an army of heathens.

A little girls castle should be sent with a royal family, a few guards, and dolls house furniture such as a bath, compulsory princess bed, and a pet or two.

Plastic castles

Plastic is universally used for nearly every item conceivable. Plastic moulded castles do have more intricate designs than wooden castles, but they also break much more easily. Yes they do look good, but personally, what good is a broken castle except as landfill.

Plastic castles in general will last a few months, then there is the need for replacement. That is why there are more wooden castles available than plastic.

Foldable and connecting castles.

Inter-connectable castles are brilliant. They can be made to be a typical square, and oblong, or even a straight wall with buildings so the kids can sit behind and defend it from invading armies.

Folding castles are good for storing the horses, knights, and accessories. They can be easily put away and still look good. Plastic folding castles can easily snap where the hinges are. Anything that gets broken on a wooden castle through time or a child with a hammer and brute force, can easily be repaired with a little DIY know how.

Click on the smaller images to view full selection available.

For the boys it is usually taken for granted that the better the army, the more mayhem and destruction they can cause.

Boys will be boys. Missile throwers in the shape of cannons or catapults are compulsory, archers are good, but knights on horseback are superb.

The castles can be any style or type, whatever it is, it will become their kingdom, and the bigger the better.

Castles and Education

We learn something everyday, this applies to children and adults. Learning history through playing and the education has begun without even trying.

Playing with a castle will teach children about stonework, parapets, and even construction methods. They will learn about different armies, flags and insignia. The possibilities are endless.

Authors Note
My 12 year old son had a castle from the age of 3 years until he was 9.

He knows about the Crusaders and the Moors, armour types, metal configuration and other things I cannot even pronounce.

I take him to castles on occasions and he has the time of his life. It helped bring him and his younger brother together, instead of fighting each other they played quite happily beating each others army.

He now enjoys history and has learned to like learning. Castles for sale offer more than just endless entertainment.


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