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Toy Recall

Updated on December 27, 2007

October 29, 2007

Toy Recall

More than 20 million toys made in China have been recalled worldwide over the past four months because of potentially dangerous levels of lead or choking hazards due to small magnets.

Some of these toys were manufactured using paints from unauthorized suppliers, to which the paints had toxic levels of lead.

Toy retailers and manufacturers greatly improved their product testing, because high levels of lead can cause brain damage in children. As toy safety is the number one priority in the toy industry, to protect our children, the news of our beloved children's toys with high lead content hits hard. Toys are designed with complete, and utter care.

Overseas manufacturers must ensure that the toys that they produce comply with several specifications in order to make them safe for children to play with.

Because the toy industry has always taken great care into their toys and safety thereof, the recent recalls have caused great concern.

Mass Toy Recall

Mattel Toy Recall

Mattel recalled about 9 millions of Chinese manufactured toys that have excessive amounts of lead tainted paint and powerful magnets. China produces about 80% of the toys that American children play with and chew on.

Beloved brands such as Matell's Fisher Price are a part of the recall.

The toys include "Go Diego Go Animal Rescue Boat" toys manufactured by Fisher Price. The product number is K3413. The paint on the outside of the toy was recorded to have high lead levels.

Elmo, Big Bird, Dora the Explorer, and other Diego toys, are all a part of the various different child toys that were all recalled because of high lead content in the paints.

Barbie Tanner playset,Polly Pocket dolls, Batman Magna action figures, Dog Day Care playsets, and one piece playsets, all by Matell were recalled earlier this year.

Matell Toy Recall

Toys with Lead

Some of the more recent toys that are posed the threat of recall are:

  1. Fisher-Price blood pressure cuff from a toy medical kit
  2. The caps from seven different Elmer's Glue Sticks
  3. Some of the duck- shaped backpacks.

The United States Consumer Group detected more than 10,000 parts of lead per million in the medical cuff. The medical set has been on the market for two years.

The orange caps on the glue sticks, that were decorated with brightly colored cartoon characters. Now, although, currently, there is not a federal standard for lead in plastic, the glue stick caps had more than three times the 600 parts per million allowable in paints.

There are various other toy dish sets, jewelry, and backpacks, that have yet to be recalled but carry the threat of higher lead levels.

Chinese Toy Recall

Pictures can be found at or Yahoo.


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