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Best Toys for a 7 Month Old Baby

Updated on June 25, 2014

Best Toys for a 7 Month Old Baby

There are lots of great toys for a 7 month old baby including stacking toys, balls, musical toys, soft blocks and more. 

At 7 months old babies are coming a lot more aware of the world around them and will love using their hands and mouths to discover everything there is to offer. Its a good age to introduce them to some fantastic first toys that will help aid their development by improving their fine motor skills and engaging all their senses. 

Read on for suggestions of the best toys for a 7 month old baby based on the ones my son used to play with at that age. 

Educational toys for a 7 Month Old Baby

Most toys have some educational value for a 7 month old baby as they are discovering the world around them. However the toys opposite that have extra educational value for 7 month old babies.

One of my favorite educational baby toys are stacking cups. At 7 months, babies are developing their fine motor skills. They are learning to pass objects from one hand to the other and stacking cups help facilitate their hand movements. My son used to play with his stacking cups for ages. They are such a simple and inexpensive toy yet have so many uses. Babies learn to handle them, and use them as teething toys. As they get older they will knock down towers. They learn how things fit together by nesting the cups. Then they will learn to build towers. They also make good water toys in the bath, they are useful for teaching colors and numbers as well as making good cups for pretend tea parties when they get older.

There are lots of great stacking toys for babies of 7 months and another favorite of my son's is the Fisher Price light up stacker. At around 7 months he used to like handling and knawing on the rings as well as watching the lights as we stacked up the toy. He also liked to knock the rings together. As he got older he really enjoyed stacking the rings himself.

Activity Tables

Other good educational toys are activity tables. My own son had one from 6 months and loved it. The Leapfrog Activity Table opposite is a popular activity table for 7 month old babies and older. When babies aren't pulling themselves up yet, you can take off the legs off and lay it flat on the floor. Then as they get older and like to stand, put the legs back on again. There are numerous activities for babies to do including musical activities, introduction to colors, shapes and more. What I like about this toy is that it will grow with your baby. I think to get the most use out of it, the earlier you get it the better, so 7 months old is just about right.


Balls make great toys for 7 year old babies. They will love it when you roll it to them and will bat it back to you. Put it just out of their reach to start encouraging them to move towards it. Its good to get soft, colorful or sensory balls for babies to explore.

The Vtech crawl ball featured oppostie is not an ordinary ball but more of a toy. I have featured it as it used to be one of my own baby's favorite toys at a baby group we used to go to. The ball moves around slightly on its own. My son used to love to watch it move and watch the lights. Even though it's meant to encourage crawling my son just loved to watch it. However, reading the revies for this toy over on amazon, it does encourage a lot of babies to crawl. It also has shape buttons to press which light up. And it introduces animals and animal sounds.

Ball Pits

My son also used to love sitting in ball pits, feeling the balls, tossing them out, looking at the colors. It used to keep him occupied for hours.

The K's Kids I Am the Boss small ball pit opposite is a perfect toy for a 7 month old. The can sit in him and will play for ages. Or zip him up and there's a cuddly dinosaur. The fact that you can zip up the ball pit and have all the balls in the dinosaurs tummy makes it a great toy to take to friends or family's houses to keep baby occupied.

Baby Einstein TakeAlong Tunes

The Baby Einstein take along tunes is an mp3 player just for babies. This toy was one of my sons favorites.

It makes a great toy to throw in your bag and have for when you're out and about. There are big chunky buttons for baby to press easily and different classical tunes to promote musical appreciation. Lights go across the screen to stimulate visual senses. There's a big easy to hold handle for little babies to hold and take anywhere. There are low, high and off volume switches.

As well as being a great take along toy, my own baby used to like to look at this toy at nightime before he went to sleep. He would lie in his cot and press the buttons and watch the lights too.

Baby's First Blocks

7 months is a nice age to get baby a first set of blocks.The IQ blocks featured opposite are soft blocks with lots of different textures. Each block jingles, rattles or crinkles, teaching cause and effect. They're great for developing fine motor skills. You can start to build tower which they will start to knock down. They can be tossed like balls and you can play a tossing game with them. As they get older they can learn to build their first towers too. 

Put In and Take Out Play

7 month old babies will love toys such as the ones opposite that encourage put in and take out play.

The Manhattan Toy Put and Peek Birdhouse featured opposite contains 4 birds of different textures. Babies will enjoy examining them, putting them in the birdhouse, looking through the clear sides to see them in there and taking the taking them out again. These kind of toys have excellent reviews on for babies.


7 month old babies will love spinning the wheel on the Leapfrog and Sing Alphabet zoo and this is great for developing hand eye co-ordination. As they spin the toy, it sings an ABC song so its very educational especially as the baby gets older. Babies will also be fascinated by the lights that come on when the toy is spinned.

This is a great toy you can put on a highchair to entertain baby when you are preparing food or cleaning up.

Laugh and Learn Piano

This is a great educational and musical toy. It comes with three play modes: learning, music, and bilingual. There are 12 songs in total and babies will be able to learn words in English and Spanish.

This is perfect for 7 month olds who will love to watch the flashing lights and press the four big keys. The keys are easy to press and the toy has lots of educational value too.

Vtech Walker

7 month old babies won't be walking yet but it's not too early to invest in this walker.

It has an activity table which can be taken off the walker so 7 month old babies can play with it while they are sitting on the floor.

As they get older, the can start to lean and push the walker as they are learning to walk.

So it's a good investment as it's a toy that will last babies several months.


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