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TrackMaster Thomas

Updated on October 18, 2012


Top 5 TrackMaster Thomas Trainsets

TrackMaster Thomas and his Friends offer more than just toys and games. Children will be given opportunities to enhance their physical, social and cognitive skills while they play.

Toddlers and pre-schoolers enjoy the adventures and sometimes the misfortunes of the Thomas and Friends characters.

From these adventures children learn about relationships, accepting others who are different to them and how to get along with others. They teach children good moral values and help children to understand different emotions, and how to express it in appropriate ways.

All photographs on this page (C) Carolyn Whitley

Henry's Character

Henry is a hard working engine and can also be vain and arrogant. One time Henry went in a tunnel and wouldn't come out because it was raining and he didn't want to spoil his paint.

TrackMaster Thomas?

TrackMaster Thomas trains are battery operated and run on a plastic track, while the metal diecast trains use a wooden track. Both trains work fine on the plastic track and the TrackMaster Thomas trains go faster along the track than the diecast trains. However the TrackMaster trains don't work very well on the wooden track.

No 1 TrackMaster Thomas

Fisher-Price Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Thomas & Cargo Car
Fisher-Price Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Thomas & Cargo Car

Young engineers will enjoy having TrackMaster Thomas chug around the track.

A fun motorized train that, will a simple flip of the switch, can also be pushed along the track.


A Happy Little Engine

Children relate to easily to the character of Thomas. He is a happy little engine who often gets into awkward situations. He tries hard, and often gets into trouble for being over-eager trying to do things he is not capable of doing. He is a little bit cheeky and very fussy.


How Well Do You Know Gordon?

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The Character of Gordon

Gordon is one of the fastest trains on the Island of Sodor. He is a blue engine with the Number 4 on it. Gordon has a good heart and is always ready to forgive.

He never hesitates to use his superior strength to help out the smaller engines when they are in trouble.

Gordon considers himself to be the most important engine because he is the biggest and strongest engine on the Island of Sodor.

No 2 TrackMaster Thomas

Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Risky Rails Bridge Drop
Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Risky Rails Bridge Drop

Children watch as TrackMaster Thomas takes the boulder up the winding track and then sending it down the chute to the loading station.

A fun action game.



The Fun Side of Charlie

Charlie is the engine with the number 14. He is purple with a light purple engine. He is an engine who is always ready for another adventure and loves to have fun when he is with his friends.

Here is a joke he told Edward....
Charlie: Where do crocodiles keep their money?
Edward: I don't know
Charlie: In a riverbank!

Fun with Toby

Toby, the No 7 Train

When Toby first came to work on the Island of Sodor, he was teased by James because of the poor condition of his paintwork, but later he was painted dark brown.

Toby is an old train but works hard and is able to control the trucks. He is often nervous about new tasks assigned to him and doesn't consider himself a proper engine.

Toby has his own coaches, Henrietta and Victoria as well as a luggage van, Elsie.

Help Toby Escape the Whistling Woods!

Thomas the Train: Trackmaster Toby and the Whistling Woods is a fun addition to any TrackMaster set. Young engineers will enjoy watching Toby as he travels through the Whistling Woods.

This set is based on the “Wobbly Wheels and Whistles: Toby and the Whistling Woods” episode, wherein TrackMaster Toby chugs quickly and zooms as fast as he can on the railway track to avoid the falling branches as he travels through the frightening whistling woods.


Alfie, No 12

Alfie is a friendly character who gets on well with most of the other characters. He works as part of the construction team on the Island of Sodor.

Sometimes he is teased because of his size, however he is very strong and makes difficult tasks look easy. He likes to play in the dirt and doesn't mind getting dirty.

No 4 TrackMaster Thomas

Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Thomas at Action Canyon
Thomas and Friends TrackMaster Thomas at Action Canyon

Inspired by the Great Discovery DVD, this playset brings a heap of surprises and is a lot of fun.

Your little engineer can help Thomas get over the rickety old bridge, up the winding mountain track, through the waterfall and down the mountain canyon safely.



The Character of James

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James the Red Engine

James the Red Engine can be proud and naughty. He always thinks that he is superior to the other engines and can sometimes be arrogant and boastful. He considers himself to be a really splendid engine.

But in the end he always realizes his faults and is extremely apologetic to everybody.

No 5 TrackMaster Thomas

Thomas the Train: TrackMaster See Inside Livestock Cars
Thomas the Train: TrackMaster See Inside Livestock Cars

TrackMaster Thomas has a selection of see-inside cars, including passenger cars, livestock cars and mail cars and add to the fun on the Island of Sodor.




The Kind Engine

Rusty is a narrow gauge engine and his main job is to take new track out to places where track needs to be replaced. When it is very busy on the Island of Sodor, Rusty will also pull coaches and trucks.

Rusty is a kind engine and tries hard to make other trains happy.

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