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Transformers 2 Toy Shopping – 3 Mistakes To Avoid

Updated on June 1, 2011

Transformers 2 toys seem to be everywhere. You will find it hard to walk into a toy shop and miss them. But with so many to choose from it is easy to mess up and buy the wrong thing. Whether this is the wrong character or wrong toy, in these gloomy economic times you want any money you spend on toys to be a sound investment. In this article I will cover some of the things to be aware of when buying a Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen toy, so you can spend your money wisely.

1. Do not buy the wrong type of figure

There are over 8 different types of Transformers 2 action figures to choose from. They are all slightly different, with different functions, sizes and prices. You will be able to see the size that you are getting from the packaging but just so you know the range goes from 7cm to over 30cm. What you will not be able to see is whether or not the figures actually transform. Do not just assume because they are called Transformers that they actually do morph from a vehicle to a robot. Specifically the Robot Heroes and the Robot Replicas do not. The Robot Heroes are worth a look though as they are extremely portable and cheap enough to buy a nice selection. What child only wants one toy to play with! The second thing you will not be able to tell from the box is how difficult the transformation process is. Typically the bigger the figure gets the more difficult the movements will be. Just take the Transformers Movie Leader Optimus Prime with its near impossible transformation, however the Fast Action Battlers were designed especially to be a mid size toy that converts quickly and easily – just right for younger fans.

2. Do not miss the best rated figures

As these figures have been around for a few months now, you can benefit from the mistakes made by others. The figures with consistently good ratings are those of the Deluxe class and the Bumblebee Human Alliance with Sam box set. The Deluxe figures transform with 15+ moves and are 19cm tall when in robot form. They are well made and the spitting image of the movie characters. They are also highly articulated so can be posed in any number of poses. The addition of a missile accessory tops off this mid priced toy. The Human Alliance Bumblebee set stands head and shoulders above the rest and the fact that the Transformer is the ever so popular Bumblebee is the icing on the cake. The figure is large at 33cm tall and has had extreme attention to detail paid to it. It not only looks just like Bumblebee but has extra detailing in the inclusion of the cannon, battle mask and car interior. A small action figure of Sam is also included, who can ride on Bumblebee in various positions.

3. Do not miss the non-action figure range

Most shoppers will think of Transformers and just think of the action figures that convert from vehicle to robot and back again. But there are also some other worthwhile toys in the range. One specifically tipped for greatness this Christmas is the Bumblebee Helmet. This is a role play dressing up accessory that has 3 playing modes. As well as playing transformation sounds and phrases that Bumblebee says in the movie, the helmet also mixes the wearer’s voice with various music clips. The helmet is supposed to fit children and adults aged 5 years and over, although it can be a little bulky on smaller heads.

So be prepared before you do your Transformers toy shopping. A child expecting a transforming toy that gets a standard action figure may not be happy. Also a transforming toy that they cannot transform will soon lead to frustration and disappointment. Hopefully this article has helped you a bit with your Transformers homework!


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    • Mark Jenner profile image

      Mark Jenner 8 years ago

      I cant get over how popular these are! Great post