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Fun! Free! Online Multiplayer Flash Game! Play Transformice! Mouse Cheese!

Updated on January 17, 2011


Transformice! is an online multiplayer flash game. Hundreds of people get on each day to play.


Regular Mouse: Get the cheese, then return to the mouse hole.

Shaman Mouse: Help as many mice as you can to retrieve cheese.

Game-Play Footage

As you can see the shaman has the ability to spawn objects to help the mice get to the cheese and back. However, not all shamans are nice, so be careful!

Mice also have the ability to dress themselves in different clothing, such as hats, bow ties, or even glasses! You can buy these items from the shop using cheese you have collected by playing the game. To do this you must have an account. Every cheese you capture can be used in the shop.

Transformice! Is really fun and suitable for all ages. This is one of the few quality flash games on the web today. It is kept up-to-date and is easy to play.



A lot of these codes are not needed any longer due to updates on Transformice!

They have been replaced by buttons.

Change rooms: /room #

-Example: /room 26

Change title: /title

Ban a player: /ban playername

-Example: /ban coolCat

Dance: /dance


The original site is a French server, so unless you speak French, I recommend the English server:

I also recommend creating an account, so that way you can personalize your screen name and mouse. It's easy and requires no information from you at all!


NOTE: If the server is full, just wait 5 or so minutes and you should be in a game!



Now has a map editor!

Now you can create your maps, if your map is good enough it will have a permanent spot on all of the Transformice!' servers.

You can also vote and decide if a map is good enough to be added to online play. BUT, you must have collected at least 500 cheese once before.


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    • profile image

      kennickyy 5 years ago

      know any codes for transformice??

    • profile image

      bowsherman 6 years ago

      i play transformice all the time and they just recently updated it and the developers are working on it full time now!