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Travian for beginners - One of the most popular strategy game

Updated on February 18, 2014

Travian Strategy for Beginners

Travian strategy for beginners. Once you started out playing travian, you'll need a suitable travian strategy for a beginner like yourself. If you have played or are playing Travian the browser game at the moment, and are a beginner or rookie, I’ll give you a few tips that will guarantee attack free status…

For best results you should start playing in a recent created world maximum 1 to 2 months old, even so you’ll start off behind …

If you follow my strategy I guarantee that by the end of the game you’ll be on the top 500 players and playing for the WW, not bad as normally you’ll have more than 15.000 opponents playing on line. My strategy does not require gold, or any money involved to improve performance.

Tip nr 1: Travian is based on a growing concept of resources, so the earlier you start in theory the more you’ll accomplish, however not always this is true, as resources can be stolen, and later on the game villages can be conquered and destroyed…

I’ll begin with some simple rules and strategies adapted to village size and evolution status:

1st: Choosing your tribe. This may be the most important decision you’ll be making during this game, your choice once made may not be changed, and you’ll have to live with the tribes rules … in my opinion the best tribe is the Romans, even though everything is more expensive than other tribes, you have the edge as you can build in simultaneous both resources and buildings.

2nd: The game just began and resources are low and little troops available, you have basically 2 strategies to follow at this point:

- Defensive Strategy: This strategy will slow you down at this stage in the game but will give you a stability for growth of your village. Concentrate on resources and cranny building to protect you from eventual attacks. I normal build 5 cranny to level 10, holding 5.000 resources, and build up warehouse and granary to 5.000… therefore any atack will not reduce your resources, except if your attacker is from the Teutons tribe… they can steal 10% of your resources hidden in hide-outs. At this stage you’ll actually be able to grow and build troops.

-Offensive Strategy: Concentrate on troop building and attacking, build up troops with resources conquered. Begin with inactive players ….

Tip nr. 2: Normally you’ll have a rookie protection period, that can be a few days, concentrate solely during this period on increasing your resource fields, it’s an incremental game, so the sooner you level up resources the more production you’ll have, and consequently the faster you’ll grow.

Tip nr. 3: Alliance, you should list yourself in an alliance … how to pick your alliance? Well at this stage in the game, most alliances are small and will accept anyone, I advise you to settle for one that is most dominant in your sector, as you neighbours will be the first ones to attack you at this stage, the best way to defend your village is to establish peace treaties with neighbours, as they’ll be your best Allys during the game.

Tip nr. 4: How to find inactive players? Either you are good at evaluating your neighbours or you can find a website on any search engine, just write travian how to find inactive players ....use the site to figure out who is in the game and who is not…

Tip nr. 5: Try to be active, don’t be out of the game for long or you’ll be located as inactive, and when that happens you’ll be a target…

Tip nr.6: When you are a newcomer … your ambition is to get as much population as you can, to go up the stats list, don’t forget that sooner or later you’ll be attacked by someone, so be prepared for it … draw up you villages as you would in a true battle… at the beginning of the game you have a lot of free slots in your village, however, by the time the Natars are released, you’ll have a problem with space and evolution, and will be forced to difficult decisions that may affect you whole game.

3rd: At this moment you’ll have your resources more or less evolved, and will be ready to settle or conquer a new village:

Settler (defensive strategy): look for a crop close to your main village, try to settle as soon as possible and transfer your capital to that village…

Tip nr. 7: Your capital can not be conquered, so if you have a crop transfer you capital as soon as possible, however it can be destroyed, sob e careful, I’ve seen a crop (capital) be totally destroyed and conquered.

When settling in new villages try to locate them close to each other, it will help in defense and in resource transfer…. Believe me it’s difficult to manage villages far from each other, it’ll slow your growth.

Conqueror (offensive strategy): I’ve seen very effective strategies through conquering, first you must define objectives and work them out in to a whole strategy.Don’t forget if you conquer a village, and if the player is na active one he’ll be waiting for na opportunity to recover it… so pick your opponent carefully, a player with less population doesn’t mean it’ll be easier to conquer, as inactive or not so active player is easier to conquer.

Tip nr. 8:Conquering a village, you must destroy the residence and use a senator to reduce loyalty, so if you are far away from you target, you’ll have Great difficulty in doing the Job with one senator … you can either, do several atacks with each one having a senator, or settle in a village close to your target to help you conquer your target later on (slow but more effective strategy).

You can find this game at however they have serveral servers per domain, you probably got a domain for your own country, or you can choose a domain from some other country, for example, you see a lot of Brazilians playing portuguese travian (Portugal),, they do have some advantage, as they're time zone is more than 5 hours away ... it helps a lot in ... you'll see.

Good luck, and remember a whole travian server will last a year or so, so look at it as a hobby, enjoy yourself, make friends ....


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    • profile image

      Agentchow 4 years ago

      Yep, I also agree, even the Strongest Anvils have some sort of raiding party or something to clean oasis.

    • bydojo profile image

      Ramona Jar 4 years ago from Romania

      Yeah, agreed with Dantplayer. You'll eventually have to enter the war at some point. Good hub though :)

    • Dantplayer profile image

      Dantplayer 8 years ago from Montreal

      Concise. Travian is almost meant to be played offensively. It seems that no matter how quiet a game you want to play, you'll eventually want to have some kind of offense to attack other players with.