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Treasure Goblin - Diablo 3 Beta - Monster Guide

Updated on June 1, 2012
The Treasure Goblin sitting idle in a Diablo 3 dungeon.
The Treasure Goblin sitting idle in a Diablo 3 dungeon.

This Diablo 3 Monster Guide serves to provide an overview of the Treasure Goblin type of monsters you will find your character facing when playing through the game. Within you can find some general info about these creature types, how to identify them and some tips on combating them.

*Expect more information and updates to come to this monster guide page as changes are made in the Beta, and again upon full release to keep things current.*

The Treasure Goblin is a rare monster type quite unlike the others seen in the Diablo 3 Beta. This creature is easily picked out by its strong glowing aura that emanates from it along with the sack of gold it is usually found peering over. They are small creatures that pose no actual threat, but should be pursued due to the loot they drop. They have no offensive abilities or attacks to speak of.

Chasing the Goblin about as it drops gold and items.
Chasing the Goblin about as it drops gold and items.
Laying the killing blow and letting loose a flurry of loot.
Laying the killing blow and letting loose a flurry of loot.

Fighting the Treasure Goblin

These crafty little creatures will not move to engage you if nearby, instead will wait for you to land the first blow on them before responding, as they are wholly focused on their gold sack until then. Each blow you land on the Treasure Goblin causes it to drop gold and progressively better loot while it chuckles and begins to dart away after the first few hits. They have a sort of invulnerability that stops them from taking damage at certain intervals, however each hit still forces them to drop loot. Continue to pursue them and knock these creatures about until they finally do fall, which causes a significant amount of loot to be dropped all at once. There will be little bits of gold that also fly out of the goblin as it darts about.

The Treasure Goblin has two unique abilities, the first is a speed boost ability which kicks in after the first few hits, easily allowing it to outrun you, however countered by its tendency to still stop within your screen view to continue taunting you until hit again. The second ability is a special portal, which can only be used by the Treasure Goblin which it will begin to cast if left alone for too long after being hit the first few times. If you allow it to escape, you will lose out on the items and gold it would of otherwise dropped and escaped Treasure Goblins cannot be found again, although you may encounter another separate one in future travels.

Upon killing one of these creatures, you will unlock the following lore journal entry:
"Some devious little goblins have been robbing our merchants! When pursued, they simply open portals and disappear with a most aggravating chuckle. The peasantry seem to believe that the goblins serve a great demon lord known as Greed and furthermore, that their portals lead to Greed's domain! A ludicrous notion, truly." - Abd al-Hazir


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