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Tribal Wars - Attack Multiple Targets

Updated on July 13, 2016

Before you get nobles, warfare in this game is simple. If you have more troops than the other guy, you will probably win. But when you have multiple villages, the game picks up in complex strategies and tactics, and (if done right) can become a whole lot easier, with minimal effort.

'Faking' villages

Here is the situation; you have 10 villages, and your target has 10 villages. You want to noble a village your target owns, however it is in a 'cluster' (a group of villages in a small amount of space), so if you send a few nukes at it, he can just send in all his troops to defend himself, and of course he is going to win, as one full nuke tends to lose to one full defensive village.

So, what can you do about this? Well, its pretty simple actually.

The technique is called 'faking', and all you have to do is send a few 'dummy' attacks at your targets villages that aren't under attack from your clearing nuke/nobles. It doesn't need more than 1 ram/catapult in each attack (although sending 1 scout with it would be smart, as you have a high chance of them dodging, and you getting information), and it means they wont send support to kill your precious nobles.

Of course, as usual, i have some ways of making this more complicated - but im sure this wont confuse you, as it involves more integrity and brains than skill and practice.

One smart move would be to set the fakes up as a 'noble train' (4 or 5 nobles hitting a village within a short amount of time), which not only means that troops wont leave his village, but he will also probably end up sending troops from other villages to support the village being faked. Meaning you have a village wide open to attacks, with a low amount of support landing in it. The best way to do this would be using the 'Opera T Train', a technique which is fairly complicated, but boasts your skill to any targets you set your eyes on. You can learn this here:

Another advanced way of using fakes is to make all of them hit the targeted villages simultaneously, along with your clearing attack/nobles, so that your target doesn't get the time to get a bit of support around his villages. You can use the 'TWStats Attack Planner' to plan the attacks to land on the same time (to find this, go onto, select your world, and click 'Attack Planner' at the bottom right hand side).

Thanks a lot for reading, and have fun!


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