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Tribal Wars - Clusters

Updated on July 13, 2016

This is definitely one of the easier guides i have wrote, so i wont make it too long. It is bringing together a few of the key ideas/concepts that you must always think about when playing Tribal Wars.


Clustering villages in simple terms is having a few villages in a small amount of space. An example would be having 6 villages in your church radius (on a world with churches, of course, if not then its about your 13x13 map area). This is used to allow you to coordinate your villages together more effectively, because things like 'faking' can be used to arrive at the same time as your normal attacks with much less effort/waiting around for numbers to match up.

A simple example of them being used is stacking your village - if you have an attack incoming, you would rather have villages close by, to support your village under attack, and then withdraw back in time to defend against any other attacks too.

It is suggested that you cluster on a ratio of 1 Offensive village: 2 Defensive villages, however if you prefer to play offensively, and you know how to backtime, and how to snipe, then it is probably suggested that you go for a 2 Offensive: 1 Defensive, which would also allow you to grow much faster than anyone with following the masses in their ideologies.

Churches were included to add to the concept of 'Clustering' - they just made your troops more powerful if they were in a cluster. If you have played a church world in the past, you already know how to cluster.

Thanks a lot for reading, and have fun!


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