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Tribal Wars Farming - Advanced

Updated on May 10, 2014

This one doesn't involve much of me, as there are people out there on Tribal Wars that are much better farmers than me. I'm more of a kill and noble kind of guy. So, here are a few quotes from experienced players on the external forums:

(R)ed with a fairly long and very useful guide

Clearing all your neighbors is a bit of a controversial start up strategy. While on the one hand, you have more available farms, by doing so you lose troops (which means cost to retrain, less farming power, and time to train), and you might end up lacking better targets once the world develops and you reach nobling stage.

I personally -entirely- avoid farming players, (for the reasons stated above, factoring in the farm/fake rule, and simply due to it being simpler when there's no need to keep checking if they returned), and even playing on the high intensity accounts of pre/early nobles, I don't feel any major lack of targets.
**Especially taking into account militia

It is highly dependent on your activity levels, though.
If you are not capable (time wise) of keeping your troops on the move, then you should consider focusing on your mines for a while longer.
To see when you should start farming, simply play around a bit with the simulator and a calculator. Compare the resources hauled (address your limiting resource) to the losses, and simply see if it is worth it.

Ideally, you should simply target keeping everything on the move. The moment troops return, try to send them out again. Keep your raiding groups as small as possible, so that if you hit an empty village, the waste of time will be less substantial (this is the concept behind microfarming). I'm not logged in at the moment, so I can't check the simulator (check with -25 luck for losses), but you can even go as far down as 5:3 spears:swords or 1LC raiding parties. If you run out of farms, spread out further. Keep some small raiding parties in the area, doing a rotation on the close/empty farms so that your competition wont be benefiting too much from your travel time.

sacredfool with a short piece of very useful knowledge and advice

Go for resources to 5/4/1 or 3/2/1 depending on how close the first barb is. Also, do the tutorial, you get a few spears and resources from finishing this. Then go for 120 spears, perhaps, timber 10+ ? and then for LC. Higher pits if you don't plan to farm 24/7.

BUT anyway... v8.0 will bring a quest system (it will be like an interactive tutorial), which will reward you 10 spears, 10 swords and quite a lot of resources to get people started, so anything we tell you will soon be outdated.

Henrik338 with some more varied information and advice

Market is important, ALWAYS sell clay. You want to get rid of the stuff as quick as possible. Make 1k for 500 iron if its what u gotta do to get iron, lc will pay up.

If you can't, you can do the turtle style. It's not horrible to be a turtle, no experienced player will sacrifice his army to take a turtle...Just remember to build spears and swords 24/7 and up your mines. In my opinion, you can do almost as good as an offensive player. But you will be back a lot of days due to the lc is quicker. (if you can farm with spear and swords 4 times a day you're gonna do alright).

Hope this helps, and good luck!


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      6 years ago

      Thanks for the Guides It really is helping a lot


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