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Tribal Wars - No Hauls/Limited Hauls

Updated on July 13, 2016

A new feature of the game 'Tribal Wars' is called 'No Hauls'; a system that Innogames introduced to counter a technique known as 'farming' from being so successful that the game ends up taking up the majority of your time. Now, although this is a very smart idea, it is a fairly complex system, and unfortunately - if you want to make the most of it, you may end up working some maths out.

So, what is no hauls?

Basically, people were attacking villages to get resources, which would fuel their cities growth, giving them a much better advantage above other players, both in rankings and in the sizes of their troops (armies). The no hauls cap stops people from doing this too much, as the people who could get online the most, would just always win games.

How much can i get?

The formula for working out your limit is '(Hours on worlds / 24 + villages) * 1000.'.

If you know how many hours you have been playing on the world, then you are perfectly fine. But i personally don't have a clue, and I'm not entirely sure how to find out, unless you look at your point differences on TWStats, and see the date you start. But that's not too exact, i don't think.

Also, restarting takes this back to the beginning, so it will take even more effort to find out when you started if you restart.

So, is there any way of making the most of this?

Not really; the idea is pretty flawless, and unless you find some glitch in the system - knowing about it, and watching it, is all you can really do to keep on top of it. If you are at the maximum, send your troops out on long distance farming runs, so that by the time they hit the village, it has gone down a bit. But apart from this, there literally doesn't seem to be a way of still farming to a massive capacity.

Is this good or bad?

In my opinion; it's a great thing. We no longer have to spend hours on end sending out farming parties, and we can relax - and enjoy the game for what it really is - a well thought out game, that you play for reasons other than the fact you are addicted.

On the other hand, any big time #1 on a world player will disagree with me - because farming has become a major part of the game now, and it probably took them to success.

Whatever your opinion, good luck, and i hope you still enjoy the game.

Just a quick edit, i have been talking about limited hauls, not no hauls, but they are both a part of the same idea, and both do the same thing overall. So it still applies, but obviously you can't limit 0 hauls...


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