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Tribal Wars - How to Snipe

Updated on June 3, 2012

Playing Tribal Wars with experience, but no specific skills, can work. You can be successful up until you reach around 50,000 points. But after that, you need to know some stuff - some stuff that will get you through your game with ease.


If you have a train incoming to your village, there is an easier way if killing off nobles than hoping your defense will kill off the nuke (which is usually at the front). I want my defense troops (Or offense) to 'Snipe' the 2nd, 3rd or 4th noble (for example), So i have to time either how long it takes to send the defense troops and co-ordinate that it will land after the first noble or get ready to dodge with perfect precision and call the back just after the second. Here's an example of Sniping.

Today at 9:52:35:200
Today at 9:52:35:400
<--- I prefer to snipe the train here. Get troops in the village for this time.
Today at 9:52:35:600
Today at 9:52:35:800

The easiest way to do it is to send support to a nearby village (note down how long it takes) and when the incoming is on the exact time of the first attack (depending on lag, it is with me), you bring it back and it should be there just after the first or second. Any later snipe and you're going to lose a village.

So basically lets say the village you sent your troops away to is 25:00:00 away, wait until the first attack hits 25:00:00 and bam - withdraw troops (use 2 different windows it's easier). This should bring your troops in to defend against 2 unprotected nobles, but dodge the nuke.

Good luck with this, and have fun!


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    • GrepoTWPlayer profile image

      GrepoTWPlayer 5 years ago from Ireland

      Great guide mate!

    • profile image

      Joe Marsh 6 years ago

      This actually works, it is also good when fighting an experienced player to send the 'nuke' with the 3rd noble and not the first, this way when they snipe they will have lost there small defense, and your noble will still be successful in capturing the village,

      also catapults are good to aim at the rally point with the first noble, this stops the sniping, (unless troops already returning) or if you only have 1 noble it helps to prevent the opponent from back timing