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Tribal Wars Startup Guide - Farming

Updated on November 9, 2011

Starting up on Tribal Wars can be considered the hardest, most competitive stage there is, and i totally agree, as i spend more time on the game at 100 points, than when im at 50,000 points... This is because you need to farm farm farm at this point in the game, and activity is crucial. lets begin with farming:


Unfortunately for all the players who don't have much time on their hands, the majority of players in the top 100 in the first 2 weeks of a world opening are farming like mad. Which, if you don't know what farming is, means they are sending attacks at every village they can find to take their resources, and building more troops to do this instead of building resource fields.

Now, this can be shortened down a lot through scripts, however i don't use premium at this stage so if you don't want to pay for the games extra features, here are my top tips for choosing your farms, and farming them.

  • Go after the closest barbarian villages straight away, to make sure you have a fast edge over your competition in your 9x9 map radius
  • Send some troops (ideally swords, but if not then spears) to defend the village straight after the attack. This means the resources will keep building up in the village, so you can remove them for the next attack. Also, if someone attacks a village and loses troops, they will probably not attack it again in the near future.
  • If someones points are growing rapidly, and you are getting most of the resources in your area, they probably have no troops - which is a direct translation to FARM FARM FARM!
  • Get ready to research and build some axes as quick as possible, as if there are people with only spears, your axes will be able to plow through them! A good fact to remember is that 20 axes can kill 50 spears if there is no wall (which surprisingly, is usually a common occurrence).
  • Get aggressive, but not stupid. If you are confident in your troop count, attack people slightly bigger than you.
  • Once you have a decent amount of axes, stop attacking with spears. Start practicing your timing (very important in the game) and send 2 attacks; get your axes to land a second or less before the spears, so you clear them with axes, then raid their resources with spears.
  • If you have cleared someone bigger than you out, stop attacking anyone except them, and hit them regularly. Keep hitting them with axes and then spears.
  • Don't give up if you get attacked, just find a guide on backtiming and hit them where it hurts. You will find it funny how easily some people give up on this game.
  • Have trust in your tribe, if you picked a tribe that isn't a failure at life then you will probably get help from at least one person. But if you make a 'Support Request', then follow the template given, or if they don't give a template - just make sure you use important details in the request, such as time of arrival(if there is an incoming attack), name of attacker, his village coordinates, and more...

Good luck, and have fun!


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    • GrepoTWPlayer profile image

      GrepoTWPlayer 5 years ago from Ireland

      very useful guide.

    • profile image

      Thanks 6 years ago

      I likethis:)