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Tribal Wars - T Train setup

Updated on July 13, 2016

Setting it up:

1. Settings;Preferences. Then, go to advanced;Shortcuts, click on 'Opera Standard' under 'keyboard setup', and click 'edit'.

2. Click on 'Application', then click 'New', and two rectangles lined up in a row should appear. In the first (under input context and shortcuts) just type 't'. Under 'Actions' in the box to the right, type 'Click button&Switch to next page' without the quotation marks. Hit 'Ok', then make sure 'Opera Standard (Modified) is now highlighted, instead of 'Opera Standard', and click 'Ok' again.

You have now set up the T Train.

Using the T Train:

1. Open up 2 or 3 tabs of your village, to act as a buffer when you are using the shortcut. You will understand this when you try it out for yourself.

2. Open up 4 tabs, each with your troops ready to attack, and finish up on the screen in which you can click 'Ok', not 'Attack'. There is nothing stopping you from sending more troops than you actually have, until after you have sent it - in which case it messes up, so make sure you only send what you have.

Get 'Ok' highlighted on each tab by right clicking the button, then clicking onto the next tab. Don't click anywhere else on the same tab, or it will break the T Train.

3. Now, go to the beginning of the tabs (the first fro the left) and hold down 't'. This should skip through each tab, clicking 'ok' on each of the last 4 as it goes through. The timing should be around 100 milliseconds apart - irregardless of your computer/internet. As you can see, my computer is very slow, however it still did the job perfectly.

To avoid issues, i suggest holding it through until it has passed the 4 tabs with attacks lined up twice, as it may not click an 'Ok' from you moving too fast. This doesn't slow it down.

If you have any issues with this, leave a comment, and leave your in game name/what world you are on, then tell me where the problem is, and i will send you a mail in game, and leave a reply on here, to make sure you get any help you require. My in game name is danhodge.

Thanks for watching/reading!


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