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Tribal Wars - War Coordination

Updated on July 13, 2016

Tribal Wars. Yeah, that’s right, Tribal Wars. It’s a game of war, strategy and ultimately – death and destruction unleashed upon your enemies. So a little bit of coordination can go a long way, especially if you have a tribe full of first time players.

TWStats Map

First of all, you need to find out where you are, in correlation to your future enemy. I tend to update myself with all the tribes in the area, and their positions, for quick future reference.

To do this, I suggest using TWStats map making system, as ZomgTW only gives 3 different colours, making it very difficult to show a lot of variation. To find out how to use this system (although it isn’t hard) use this guide I created:

And to make a map:

Go to, select your world, and click ‘Map tool’ at the top right hand side of the main section of the website.

What should be doing on here, is creating a map which is centred around your tribe and your enemy/enemies, and including any other significant tribe (e.g. Allies, enemies allies, continent #1), so that you have a clear view on what is going to happen.

If you used TWStats, you can then click on the dots to see which player is there, and build up a few strategies in your head straight away. Also, if you want to use squads (splitting your tribe up into a few groups regarding their area of the world) then you can use this map to look at the different areas your tribe is split up into.

Get some stats

TWStats can tell you many things about a tribe, however I didn’t mention this in the review of the site I did as it can get quite complex, and requires a certain level of intellect from the user to actually deduce information out of the stats you find.

For instance, a simple example would be that someone with 0 point growth over a few days is probably inactive. But it can get much more in depth than this, looking at growth stats and finding out someone has (or just gained) a co player is a possibility, or finding a point whore is another.

Make a frontline

This should be decided on as soon as possible, as no frontline will lead to the enemy pushing straight through your tribe. So, you should aim for your tribe mates sending as much support to the frontline villages you decide on as being the frontline (can be tricky in a war for continent domination), but making sure they have a bit to not get rimmed themselves. That’s a part most people miss out – I have seen several tribes leave their flanks wide open, meaning if they get faked, they are likely to pull all support from the front line in a blind panic, and leave the front lines open to the real attacks that are likely to hit.

Get the troops as skilled as possible

By ‘the troops’, I mean the tribe members. And by skilled, I mean being good (and well practiced) at back timing, sniping and fast noble trains, but also getting good troop counts, setting up scripts (if they use premium)and getting their account covered for as long as possible to avoid being attacked overnight.

My suggestion is obvious for any writer of guides – my site covers most of these things, so please feel free to send the link around your tribe, in order for them to benefit from my ideas as you are doing now…

Apart from this, the rest is up to you – decide on your own timings, strategies, faking lists/nuking lists and most importantly of all – keep everything mixed up. Don’t ever be predictable.

Thanks for reading, and good luck.


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