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Free Pub Trivia Game: 13 Great Quiz Questions

Updated on June 19, 2013

I usually write live trivia games with a wider variety of questions. I thought I'd try to adapt one of my trivia games for the Hubpages quiz format and see how it went. Users can feel free to use my questions for their own purposes or adapt the questions for other games. The actual construction of the questions is located below the quiz.

1. The world record for gum chewing was apparently held by a Miss Cornelia Prinzmetel of a duration of less than 3 months. At least, that’s according to this fictional character who announced her accomplishment standing on a piano during her press conference as the third winner of a golden ticket in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Name her. (VIOLET BEAUREGARDE)

2. In addition to a chair and an invisible Jimmy Carter, what else were Bandit and Snowman transporting to the Republican National Convention in SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT 2? (AN ELEPHANT)

3. Who is the only actor to receive a Best Acting nomination for a performance in any of the Star Wars movies? (ALEC GUINNESS)

4. The first cover of Sports Illustrated featured in 1954 featured National League umpire Augie Donatelli behind the plate with two major league stars: catcher Wes Westrum and what Milwaukee Braves power hitter of who Ty Cobb said: “I’ve only known three or four perfect swings in my time. This lad has one of them.” (EDDIE MATHEWS)

5. The term “wardrobe malfunction” came into wide use after the infamous Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson fiasco at Super Bowl 38. However, I prefer to think of this actress as the queen of the wardrobe malfunction since she is now most famous for posing for a series of paparazzi photos unaware that one of her boobs was fully exposed. Her movie credits include The Big Lebowski, Josie and the Pussycats, and Cruel Intentions, but she’s best known for her role in American Pie. Name her. (TARA REID)

6. In 1961, she was selected as one of GLAMOUR’S “Ten Best-Dressed College Girls”. When she was 10-years old, she babysat for Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, and Gil McDougald. Her given name is Martha Helen Kostyra and she’s best known for a securities fraud conviction and being the most sought-after giver of advice on crafty, home living type stuff. Name her. (MARTHA STEWART)

7. What is the only state that can be typed on one row of keys? (ALASKA)

8. Following her stint as first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis became a fairly famous book editor. Among her projects was Michael Jackson’s autobiography. Name it. (MOON WALK)

9. This diminutive advice-giver was trained as a sniper by the Israeli military. After being wounded in action, she moved to France and earned her degree in Psychology. Among her best known books is Sex for Dummies. Name her. (DR. RUTH)

10. Prior to marrying his current wife, Chaz, who also happens to be African American, this man also dated Oprah Winfrey. Must be because they lived in the same city. Name this prominent film critic. (ROGER EBERT)

11. In the 1970’s, Mattel sold a doll called “Growing Up Skipper”. What was the main characteristic of this doll? (HER BREASTS GREW WHEN YOU TURNED HER ARM)

12. Put these cities in order from West to East: Reno, Los Angeles, San Jose. (SAN JOSE, RENO, LOS ANGELES)

13. The 1st annual Grammy Awards were awarded in 1959. The Record of the Year was “Volare” by Domencico Modugno. The winner of the best R&B performance was “Tequila” by Champs and the Album of the Year was “Peter Gunn” by who? (HENRY MANCINI).


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