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True Superspeed for HERO 6th Ed.

Updated on June 19, 2016
Not mine. Property of DC Comics.
Not mine. Property of DC Comics. | Source

There are three distinct versions of Super Speed. Spider-Man, for example, possesses one version due to his incredible reaction time and agility. If simply given a SPD of 10, he's already acting and moving five times faster than a normal person. Where a normal bloke moves 24 meters per Turn running, Parker can cover 120 meters per Turn due to having additional phases.

Next, there's Super Running. These speedsters just move really fast. Meh, you know how to create these already.

The third version of Super Speed is time-based: the character reduces the amount of time it takes to perform a specific task. To be more specific, he increases the ratio between normal time and his own time frame. One second in real time could be minutes for the speedster. This is True Superspeed.

This is very tricky in HERO, and requires an agreement with the GM. The Time Chart is the key. Let's look at this as Extra-Dimensional Movement (EDM), with the Time Travel adder. What we want to do is amend this ratio:

1 Segment = 1 Segment

to look something like this:

1 Segment = 1 Turn

Meaning, one second of real time equals twelve seconds (1 Full Turn) of speedster's time. With a SPD of 10, the speedster can then take ten phases worth of actions each phase and a Recovery phase.

Looking at EDM again, the Power requires a range (here, we've chosen anywhere within one Turn), which constitutes "related group," for an additional 5 pts. To buy one Turn, we go down the Time Chart three levels, for +3 points. The total is (20+20+5+3=) 48 points.

There is one huge limitation built into the use of the Power itself. Moving ten times per phase also means spending ten times the END for everything that costs END. The character would definitely need Reduced END for most, if not all, of the Powers used while using True Superspeed. Limitations that can be purchased are:

"Noncombat Only [-1/2]" (to represent a character who can accomplish mundane tasks very quickly);

"Always On [-1/2]" (Meaning the character can't interact normally with the normal time frame. A thirty-second conversation could seem like a two-hour movie in slow motion. He might have to burn END in order to operate in normal time.);

"Side Effects [varies]" (Sonic booms, shattering glass, etc.)

As always, GMs can elect to charge more for the Power or even forbid it. The time frame of the speedster should definitely have a set limit (one Turn works very well, but imagine how just one minute would upset the entire game!), and I would never allow anyone to have this Power without at least one really good Limitation.

So, there you go! True Superspeed!! Enjoy!

The Flash

*Yeah, I know what all of you are thinking: Can I make the Flash? Sure. I wouldn't ever USE him, but he can be made. In fact, it wouldn't raise the cost very much, either -- depending on his base SPD and Movement Powers, of course. Without thinking too much about it, I would say his True Superspeed would cost less than 100 points.*


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    • William Corpening profile image

      William Corpening 21 months ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      Hyper-Man: I could only find your take on Superman. I love it. I had a one-shot game where everyone made up villains to kill Superman. My Supes was basically able to make up powers on the fly, to emulate the Silver Age Superman. He could, for example, combine powers to make new ones -- like his X-Ray Vision and Heat Vision to create an entirely new effect. While he had to fight a Red Sun-Eater, a Bizarro (who was made totally wrong, for the record) and a Lex Luthor, it was the Lex that won! How? Desolidification, Usable On Others At Range.

      Correction: I didn't scroll. I have your 400-point versions, I think, of the Justice League.

    • William Corpening profile image

      William Corpening 21 months ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

      The link seems to lead to a number of dead ends, Hyper-Man.

    • profile image

      Hyper-Man 21 months ago

      Nice. Enter The Speedzone (Speedforce) is a similar EDM based version of this idea introduced in the 5e Ultimate Speedster and updated to 6e in The Advanced Players Guide. There is an html viewable rookie version of the character that can be downloaded here: This version of the character doesn't start with an EDM ability but does have a VPP that can be used for a wide variety of different superspeed effects.