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Two Most Recommended Sealer Sprays for BJD

Updated on June 30, 2012
My Hujoo Dana with faceup. Mr. Super Clear spray was used to seal the artwork. I commonly use Mr. Super Clear.
My Hujoo Dana with faceup. Mr. Super Clear spray was used to seal the artwork. I commonly use Mr. Super Clear.

Sealant is Key

Model Hobbists know how important it is to keep the work you put into the model, or doll, you painted with sealant. Sealant will effectivly "save" the artwork you applied to the surface of your model or doll's plastic, keeping it safe and secure from smudging, fading, or accidental wipe-off.

There are a variety of sealant's you can buy that are recommended by the hobbists themselves, but here are the two top sealant's you can buy straight from


Mr. Super Clear Spray UV Cut 170ml

Mr. Super Clear is the top rated sealer for doll and model work. You can buy Flat, UV protection, and glossy. I personally use the Mr. Super Clear flat, but I do recommend the UV spray as that will protect your doll or model from UV rays that can cause fading, or yellowing of the plastic.

There are some concerns with international shipping, as shipping by aircraft can be dangerous. Pressure and temperature changes can cause the can to explode. It is very important to keep your can of sealant away from direct sunlight and in moderate temperatures.


Dullcote Spray Testors Enamel Plastic Model Paint

Testors is recommended as an alternative to Mr. Super Clear if you cannot get it. It comes in different kinds of paint spray, but this one is a clear, flat spray for sealing your work.

I've read some concerns from hobbists about the sealant leaving a yellow/gray tone, and it doesn't dry clear; more translucent. Leaving some of your more detailed work work off the final product. But, nonetheless, it is a recommended sealer that is available for purchase at

Using Sealers

There are other types of sealers you can buy, but you should use your judgment and research them thoroughly. Some sealers have been reported to not dry, or cause frosting (making the plastic white.)

Sealers should be sprayed in a well ventilated area, and in moderate temperatures with little humidity. You may consider wearing a mask when spraying, or spraying outside, to protect your breathing.

Spray your model or doll with an even coating first. This serves as a basecoat to protect the plastic from possible staining. Let it dry- usually 30 minutes or an hour, depending on your sealant- and begin you work. Spray between layers of artwork. Doing so "saves" the work you've already done, and allows you continue on without smudging, or wiping off the work you've accomplished. When finished, seal the entire work with a final layer of sealant.

Have fun, be creative!


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