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Two Sides of a Coin: A Final Fantasy Record Keeper Event

Updated on June 14, 2016

About Two Sides of a Coin

This event runs from June 13th through June 23rd.

This event features Edgar and Sabin, twin brothers in the Final Fantasy VI game, and follows their exploits in trying to save the world, first from the Gestahlian Empire, and then from the madman Kefka.

Like most events from FFVI, the event is split into two parts, but in this case, the event isn't split between before Kefka tears the world asunder, and then afterwards. In this case, the extra hard dungeons are from the World of Ruin.

Unlockable characters, in addition to the monk Sabin and the engineer Edgar, are the wild child Gau and the samurai Cyan. There are also special missions attached by Cid, and several memory crystals, the four above with both sets of crystals, plus both of Setzer's. More on each character below, as well as the new relics.

There is also the new machinist ability Bio Grenade, doing two ranged physical poison attacks, with a moderate chance to poison targets.

The cast of FFVI


The characters of this FFVI event

Sabin is the strongest (11 Attack at lvl 1)of the FFVI characters, using monk and combat abilities (5 stars). He can use daggers and fists as weapons, and shields, hats, light armor, and bracers as armor.

Edgar is the king of Figaro, and Sabin's twin brother, and resident engineer. He can equip daggers, spears, and swords as weapons. As for armor, he can equip hats, helms, light and heavy armor, and bracers. He can use 5 star abilities with the combat, knight, or machinist category, and up to 3 star in support abilities.

Gau was raised by wild animals. He can equip daggers and fists as weapons, hats, light armor, and bracers as armor. As for abilities, he can use up to 5 star abilities in combat and celerity abilities. (I'll be honest.In the video game, I only used this character to make sure all 14 FFVI were up to 99. When I had to choose which two characters weren't involved in the final series of battles, he was one of the two. )

Cyan is the samurai, and knight protector of doomed Dorma. He can equip katanas and daggers as weapons, as armors he can equip shields, hats, helms, light and heavy armor, robes and bracers. He can use abilities up to a 5 star ranking in combat and samurai.

Setzer is a gambler, able to equip daggers, throwing weapons, swords, and gambling gear as weapons. He can equip armor like shields, hats, helms, light armor, robes, and bracers. He can use up to 3 star abilities in combat and celerity, and 5 stars in support and machinist.

The image from Square Enix regarding the event


Relics for the event

Edgar gets the chainsaw, with the SSB chainsaw.

Sabin gets the Tiger Fang, with the SSB Phantom Rush,

Setzer gets Cards with the SB Prismatic Flush.

Shadow gets Sasuke, with the SB Wild Fang.

And Relm gets the Cat-Eared Hood, with the SB Ink Blast.



Event Dungeons, Part I

A Kingly Decision has a dificulty of 2 and costs 7 stamina total. This unlocks Edgar, and the boss is two Magitek Armor, which as vulnerable to lightning.

Brothers Reunited has a difficulty of 9 and costs 13 stamina total. The boss is Vargas, whom you can't touch before the Ipoohs are defeated. They are soft to fire. Vargas is weak to poison. Sabin is unlocked here.

A Three-Way Split has a difficulty of 17 and costs 19 stamina total. The boss is Orthos, a squid who is vulnerable to fire and lightning. Warning, he counters with the blinding Ink attack if hit by fire.

The Tragedy of Doma has a difficulty 0f 28 and costs 25 stamina total. This unlocks Cyan. The boss this time is 3 Magitek Armor. Same weaknesses

Southeast Bound has a difficulty of 35, and costs 33 stamina. Here you unlock Gau. The bosses are 3 part, all being Rhizopas and Opinicus, only difference is in the number appearing. None of them like lightning.

Another one of the FFVI cast

Event dungeons, Part 2

Washed Ashore on the Veldt has a difficulty of 45 and costs 33 stamina total. You can unlock Edgar and Sabin's 1st Memory Crystal. There is no boss here.

Feral Treasure has a difficulty of 60 and total stamina cost of 40. Here you can unlock Cyan and Gau's 1st memory crystals. The boss is Anguiform and Aspiran. The Aspiran are weak to fire. And all absorb water. (They're water creatures....)

Infiltration and Escape has a difficulty of 75 and a total stamina cost of 46, getting a Memory Crystal Lode and Fire Blossom. The boss is Tunnel Armor, who doesn't like lightning and water.

Defense of the Vale, Part I, has a difficulty of 90 and a total stamina cost of 54. The ability Punishing Palm is unlocked, and the boss is a three part fight. Corporals are vulnerable to poison, Fidor is vulnerable to fire, and Hunting Hounds are vulnerable to fire as well.

Defense of the Vale, Part 2, has a difficulty of 99 and a stamina cost of 60. The bosses are Corporals again, Heavy Armor (lightning and water), Hell's Rider (fire oddly enough), and Kefka himself. (vulnerable to Paralyze)

Speed Demons + has a difficulty of 99, and stamina cost of 40. You can unlock MCII for Gau and Setzer. The bosses are Dullahan (weak to fire, absorb ice). and Death Gaze (weak to fire and holy, might want to bring something like Revive or Raise as well. Has an instant KO attack.)

Figaro in Danger ++ has a difficulty of 110 and a stamina cost of 20. You can unlock Edgar and Sabin MCIIs. The boss is four tentacles. The bottom left is vulnerable to fire (absorbs ice), bottom right is vulnerable to to ice (absorbs fire), and the top 2 have no weaknesses, but the top right absobs lightning and water, while top left absorbs earth and water.

Courage to Fight has a difficulty of 120 and a total stamina cost of 40. Here you can unlock Cyan's 2nd Memory Crystal. The boss is the Storm Dragon, who is weak to lightning. And reducing his magic would be wise.

Cid's Missions

As mentioned above, Cid has a few quests here as well.

Equip the Kick monk ability and complete Feral Treasure. Get 10 (3 star) Power Orbs

Equip the Fire Blossom samurai ability and complete Defense of the Vale, Part I. Get 3 (4 stars) Greater Fire Orbs

Equip the Punishing Palm monk ability and complete Defense of the Vale, Part 2. 4 Greater (4 stars) Holy Orbs.

And finally, complete Figaro in Danger ++ with 4 FFVI characters, two of which must be Edgar and Sabin. (I recommend trying with Celes and Terra as the other two, and try to use a Roaming Warrior for healing.)

In conclusion

I'm excited about this event, as VI was my favorite of the Final Fantasy series. And usually I finished that game with a party that included these two. In the game, Sabin's Bum Rush attack often meant the difference between winning and losing. (Too bad it required a similar button movement as Street Fighter characters T Hawk and Zangief's most powerful attacks.) Also, too bad FFRK hasn't added this attack just yet.

Edgar was a fun character too, with all his equipment attacks.

That this event includes my currently maxed out Cyan's 2nd Memory Crystal is an added bonus.

Also, to clarify, I usually beat the game with a party of Cyan, Sabin, Terra, and Celes. Had there been a 5th option though, it would've been Edgar.

Where to get Final Fantasy VI for those who want to play the full game


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