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Types of Call of Duty Players

Updated on May 10, 2013


Yep, it's exactly what it sounds like. These people are afraid of doors and it shows. Every time they approach a door they stop, look all around, go prone, throw grenades, and do pretty much anything but actually enter the door. A little cautionary check is a good idea but a complete inspection of the area isn't just inefficient for these types of players but also their teammates. The dooraphobe and teammates usually end up dead to the dooraphobe standing in the way as the enemy team hails gun fire from behind. Most of the time no one is in the room they were scared to enter and is sometimes even under lockdown by his own team.

Sight Fanatic

These people are usually very scared of being beaten in a fair 1 on 1 encounter. They go around looking down their sights at all times to attempt to give themselves the jump on their opponents. Not only does this decrease the fun of the game by slowing the player to a crawl but in many cases it is very inneffecient limiting the player's field of view and leaving them susceptible to attacks from the sides.

Explosives Expert

Well, expert is strictly for the names sake but trust me these players are anything but. They pack danger close and scavenger and often use grenades or claymores as their main form of damage. They very rarely use a gun and tend to run wild in objective games though they are still seen in team deathmatch. Their limited arsenal often hinders more than it helps but it does do a good job at pestering the opposition

Awful Army

This is a common one. A bunch of underskilled players grab the best gun the present patch has to offer and head out. They are never seen alone and are often in a group of three or more that find an opponent and all simultaneously fire before they can be opposed. Often thought to be amongst the most skilled due to their amazing stats but in actuality they cannot function without one another

Position Lockers

By far the hardest people to counter. It is basically a team of players who have studied maps to the point of knowing how to layout their team for maximum efficiency. When they are succesful they are unstoppable.If you try to attack player A then player B will see you and kill you. If you try to kill B then C will make sure you fail. Very hard to counter and becoming increasingly common. Another group that falls apart if one member is taken down.

Bait and Hunter

Bait players, often lower ranking guild members but can also be normal players just looking to please their team, will run around to draw enemies out while the hunter, usually a higher ranking guild member or a convincing player, kills the enemies that took the bait. With these teamse you will see a mix of 0-16 and 25-0 players.

Kill Squads

Can be either good or bad players who run together in a group but when they see enemies they disperse to cover all flans then regroup when their target is eliminated. When bad players do this you will often come away with 2-3 kills, when a good team does this you will usually get 0-1. Very effective when run right and makes it hard to build any kind of momentum

Sniper King and Servants

A sniper, usually fairly skilled, will get into a good position and start sniping. Then he will start delivering orders to his underlings to patrol certain areas to make sure he does not get flanked. The sniper ends up doing phenominal while the rest of the team ends up with average results.


Scared of anything imaginable. When approached often fires wildly due to fright. Also takes extreme caution when going anywhere. Watches steps for minutes at a time to make sure they are safe before progressing, almost always in zoom in case of combat, when being fired at will either run away or spray, and are generally easy kills as long as you can chase them down


A player that may get a kill or two on you but gets progressively more jumpy as the game goes on. They may start off strong but often end up doing average due to decreased performance in the late stages. They will often suffer from accuracy lose and poor decision making after a couple confrontations. Generally good players who get slightly overwhelmed by the adrenaline of increasing kills. Become easier targets in the later games, players that were doing great at one point may become this player towards clutch moments in the game.

The Vendetta

Generally does poorly due to overly specific focus. They often seek revenge on an individual who killed them either in a one on one setting or killed them in a way they deem unfair. This player not only does poor overall on most occasions but usually doesn't achieve their goal because the other player most likely bested them due to superior skill.

The Avenger

The person who tries to milk the game for as much xp as possible. They usually follow teammates closely so they may kill anyone who happens to kill them for an avenger medal worth some sweet sweet xp.

Gun Hater

A person who hates a gun so much that they often let it cost them many kills. If they see someone on the other team with that gun they want to kill them and only them while if one of their teammates has it they will often pester them and, if playing hardcore, kill them. This is a common reaction to the riot shield.

The Shield Weeny

The majority of riot shield players (I'm not descriminating, I often play a shield class myself). Though some shield players are very good the great many have no idea what the are doing and either just stand back and block bullets and pretty much see how long they can last, or they get overzealous and charge with reckless abandon whenever an enemy gets close. They may throw a tomahawk on occasion that ends up missing wide. Usually easier to just walk away from then kill due to their idealogy that you just block bullets with a shield class and nothing else. Pretty harmless overall


Players who can afford all the latest and greatest equipment to give them the edge in gaming and decide to purchase anything to improve their k/d. Often extremely low skill player, but not always, who needed a modded controller to gain an edge. Usually distinguished by rapid fire with tap fire guns, very quick drop shots, and dead accurate no scopes. They also get he jump if you are not using dead silence due to their turtle beaches. The iron man of CoD. Usually very destructive and uncounterable

Spawn Masters

People who know absolutely every single spawn point and under what conditions people will spawn there. These people are usually snipers or assault rifle users and you normally will not be alive for more than a few seconds when you are facing a team of these players and they often consider themselves amongst the best players in the world do to their excellent k/d which is wrongfully earned

The Kangaroo

A character who feels that jumping will greatly improve all aspects of play and whenever he is confronted he jumps up and down normally until he is gunned down but will get a kill every now and again. These people are usually players who arent very good and have failed at every other possible way to improve their k/d so have resorted to jumping as a desperation move

The senior citizen

A player who just isn't very good or is heavily distracted at all times. They often walk right past enemies and sometimes stand directly next to them not noticing that they could pick up an easy kill. When they do see an enemy they will usually turn towards them but never shoot do to their poor reflexes. Sometimes these players improve but it's rare. These playes are commonly grouped together in the same game on the same team which usually causes hilarity or anger depending on which team you are on

The Gollum

Loves shiny objects. Any gold or diamond gun he sees he picks up despite the fact he can't use it. This happens most frequently with riot shields and this person goes overwhelmingly negative any time an opposing player drops a shiny gun. They hardly ever manage to kill anyone with the gun they pick up and more often then not die because they didn't know how to use the weapon


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    • Eiddwen profile image


      5 years ago from Wales

      Interesting indeed and now looking forward to many more.



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