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Typical Indie Reviews Mega Coin Squad

Updated on July 14, 2015

Mega Coin Squad Launch Trailer

This game is bad. This is a game that should not have seen the light of day on Xbox One. But it did and I was unfortunate enough to play it. Why is it bad you're probably wondering? The trailer makes the game look fun. The art style looks creative. And heck the music sounds cool too. Well despite a lot of that being subjective the game is actually fun at first. The gimmick is neat. An entire game based around collecting coins. Granted there's been collectathon's way before this game but they were far more complex than this. But before we go into the nitty gritty of the game let's look into the company itself. Big Pixel Studios is a London based game company known for several iOS games. And there's the problem they're a mobile game company. Mobile games tend to have one big focus. Tons of replayability with little content. Mega Coin Squad is just that tons of replayability with little content. And even now I'm finding it a pain to divulge in this game any further. I wish I can just say don't buy this game and move on. This game would have been fantastic if I played it on my windows phone or some other mobile device. But for the price I payed for it and the fact it exists on a console is a sad joke. Never before have I ever felt like I've lost time playing a video game before. I should not have that kind of reaction to a video game. To simplify this review up as best as I can here's a list on why you should not buy this game:

  1. Terrible controls
  2. Lack of originality
  3. Broken framerate
  4. Clear lack of effort
  5. Punishing achievement list
  6. Cheap deaths
  7. Bad pacing
  8. Far to many difficulty spikes

If these eight reasons are not enough to turn you away from the game I wish you the best of luck playing it. Just keep in mind there are for more functional and entertaining games that you could buy on the Xbox One.



So I'd like to mention before I go into specific details I specifically tried to get all of the achievements in this game solely for the sake of this review. I do not recommend anyone to attempt completing this game unless they have a high tolerance level for repetition. The game also being extremely below average does makes attempting completing the game very painful. So on to the details the game only has twenty two achievements. That being said it took me 16 hours to complete this game. The reason being is you have to beat the game at a minimum of six times. Since there's an achievement for beating the game for each character. Now the campaign can be beaten in around 30-40 minutes once you get a hang of how to play. Which brings me to another achievement which requires you to beat the game in 30 minutes or less. Now there's also an achievement for beating the game without dying in one sitting. Although you really don't want to die when trying to beat the game in 30 minutes I do not recommend trying to do a no-death playthrough at the same time you do the speed run playthrough. I attempted this and I ended up rushing headlong into deadly scenarios that I usually would avoid. And finally there's achievements pertaining to banking 50,000 and 100,000 coins overall. This is an obnoxious grind that makes getting the completion even more of a pain. Overall the game is a technical quick and easy 1000 but there are far more quicker and easier games that you can play that are way more tolerable and enjoyable.

2 stars for Mega Coin Squad


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